Could Bova’s Support of Horses Bring Industry-Sweeping Changes to the UK?

January 10, 2018


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Nick Bova has widely supported animal rights for many years. His many companies, including Bova Compounding and Bova UK, had helped address these concerns on a global level. But, his tactics have been interesting because they do not necessarily target big companies directly. They address small changes that have the potential to accumulate a lot more.

The Care of Horses Ignites a Larger Story

This dynamic can be explored in his support of sterile specials for horses in the UK. Essentially, sterile specials have been requested from veterinarians. Yet, demand is low and the legal production was distant. Big pharmaceutical agents did not justify the demand alongside the resources needed to gain legal production. Bova’s response was to just do it himself. His team recently earned legal authorization to manufacture sterile specials.

His team did not care about the lower-than-desired demand. They only cared that there was a demand at all. Now, some are arguing this change has the potential to systematically chip away at the large pharmaceutical company control of animal health in the UK. It could be another revolutionary first step towards showing that a small demand does not mean the problem should be ignored. Bova UK is now the only entity that can legally manufacture the sterile specials. They have a built-in monopoly in the area. It could encourage big companies to come in, which can be great. It adds competition and big resources to a legitimate problem.

Is This Big or Small?

There are more humble claims out there. Some speculate that this change is rather small, but it is a great thing for the horses and the veterinarian’s supporting them. Yet, the argument is that it may do very little to dramatically change the course of pharmaceutical investments in 2017. There may be too much money involved at too high of a level for this to shift the waters with any great magnitude.

Bova’s willingness to work in waters that go unrealized is encouraging for some and heroic for others. He has really pushed for support in areas that have been ignored for too long. Readers can learn more about Nick Bova by visiting his Linkedin page or exploring the official website of Bova UK or Bova Compounding, which can be found on his Linkedin page.