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Once around Menorca

By horse

A proverb says that paths are created by walking them. No one knows who first ran the Camí de Cavalls on Menorca's coast, but it has been around since the 14th century. What once served as a surveillance option for the military and politicians is now a popular long-distance hiking trail - of which I will take a few stages. And that in November, because especially in (almost) winter I don't have to share it often.

On the road in Uzbekistan

From the Silk Road, pomp and too much Plov

The best trips are like life - A starts with an approximate idea of ​​where B, C and D are, but how to get there or what to expect on the way is a big question mark. Even if you are traveling on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, which was once the most popular trail of the caravans, today by educated travel groups.

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Hotel Corallo in Jesolo, Italy

The days when the Italian Adriatic coast was ridiculed as a “Teutonic grill” are long gone. The once hopelessly overcrowded seaside resorts have developed into real gems in recent years. First and foremost Jesolo: The beautiful city in the Veneto region could serve as a synonym for the Italian lifestyle Dolce Vita.