Travel reports from China

China Rally

Anecdotes from an unknown country

We're all looking for it somehow: places where you feel really strange. Places where originality still reigns. Places you have not seen on Instagram a hundred times. In times of globalization and constantly growing tourism numbers, they are becoming increasingly scarce. But I found one of these places: Inner Mongolia.

China, you crazy country!

Strange things from the Middle Kingdom

That's how you make your experiences travel. Many prejudices are confirmed, some dissolve. Not every new insight is necessarily good, but mostly at least interesting. Sometimes you have to practice tolerance, learn to accept and understand. And sometimes you just have to smile because lovable quirks appear that you have not known before. In China, I got something from everything. OK then!

By bike through the Chinese Taklamakan

Desert Life

Crossing one of the biggest dry deserts on earth by bike - that sounds very adventurous. In reality, it is mostly monotonous. It is fitting that I have just read in the book of a Zen monk, one should avoid, always to ask the meaning of his activities to find happiness in the moment. So relieved of the responsibility for the meaningfulness of my actions I live free the simple desert life.

Protests in Lhasa

Tibet is burning

In front of me is a monk with his mouth wide open, holding out his tongue to me. I blink like a dazed yak into the blinding sun, vacillating between outraged horror and amazement. "Show him your tongue!", The gently demanding voice of my guide Tsenam tears me from my confused thoughts and after a short hesitation, I push my dust-dry tongue obediently to the daylight.