On the maledives



"I have no time for holidays. In between, I drive to relax on my castle in Brittany or to Monte Carlo. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Karl Lagerfeld

"I have no time for holidays. In between, I drive to relax
to my castle in Brittany or to Monte Carlo. "

Karl Lagerfeld

I see it like Karl. Vacation? Nah, Kinners, I'm traveling! Travel is not a vacation! But let's be honest: in the end we are all tourists. These much-discussed distinctions between tourist and traveler, vacation and travel are in the end quite pretentious bullshit.

And now, now I was there, on holiday leave you can imagine. At the beach. On an island in the Indian Ocean. In a Robinson Club in the Maldives , all inclusive.

And it was great.

After a small trip in India with four (!) Wedding events in two cities (from a single Indian wedding), the blessed encounter with the Indian banana god and our refusal to dance and sing in a Bollywood movie (who is interested) The Starbucks at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai are looking for Scouts foreigners) sounded a week doing nothing quite perfectly.

Just the right amount of time, so you do not have to worry about anything. Turn off your head and enjoy. It would not have been longer. But not shorter ... :)

für die Einladung auf ihr super entspanntes Inselchen im Gaaf-Alif-Atoll und Condor für die Unterstützung beim Direktflug von Male nach Frankfurt ! Huge thanks to the Robinson Club Maldives for inviting you to their super relaxed islet in Gaaf Alif Atoll and Condor for helping with the direct flight from Male to Frankfurt !

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