Travel reports from Jamaica

Jamaica with baby


A precipitous outbound flight and a drama on arrival: Fortunately, locals in Jamaica took care of Karin Lochner. Even today, 35 years later, she proudly wears her T-shirt from the time with the imprint "Jamaica - closest place to heaven".

Reggae, Weed and Jürgen Klopp - Part 2

Welcome to Trench Town

When everything was covered with a kind of nostalgic veil in the Culture Yard in Trench Town, and the rust, the peeling plaster and the weathered bright colors of the outer walls were surrounded by an almost romantic touch of transitoriness, then this is the opposite.
The corrugated iron huts, the car wrecks, the bullet holes on some walls:
No transfigured remnant of the past. This is real.

Reggae, Weed and Jürgen Klopp - Part 1

On Bob Marley's tracks

I have to go to Trench Town. I must.
There is no way around paying a visit to Kingston's most notorious and fascinating district.
Too often have I heard Bob Marley singing about it in his songs.
Too often I wondered where these songs came from.
"I do not know, man, you're just too white," says Rob, one of the collaborators of Bob Marley's old record company Tuff Gong.