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A guided tour of the Lost Place Spreepark


If you close your eyes and let the imagination play, you see children laughing, breathing the scent of roasted almonds, feeling the wind of the carousel ride in your hair. Believe the hoofs of the cowboys quarreling or the scream when the roller coaster hits the highest point in the loop.

If you open your eyes, you will see an enchanted-melancholy place. The rusty ruins of former rides. Dried out pond landscapes. And a lot of jungle. If one could leave the paths, one would feel like the hunter in search of the lost hype. Or like an archaeologist discovering the Ferris wheel and wondering what humanity once meant. More than 1.5 million visitors counted the amusement park in its prime. In 2001, you had to file for bankruptcy.

Beavers build nests. Frogs croak. Bats and birds of prey sail over it. Only the dinosaurs, created in parking times, die out. After the closure, there were theater and techno festivals here. Cate Blanchett came to shoot the action thriller Who's Hanna? (2011). Guided tours of the area are offered today, and a security service accompanies us through the grounds. The security bullskins are not only intended to prevent vandalism and theft, but also to ensure that nothing happens to anyone. Because the legacy of the amusement park have their pitfalls. For example, the Ferris wheel tells us that the engine is missing. But it still turns, the wind makes it possible. But what happens when the wind abates? Not only one who climbed over the fence and wanted to make a round, had to be rescued from dizzy heights. In the teacup carousel, however, we can sit down - but you have to push yourself. And at the entrance to the roller coaster, which was here called "Spreeblitz", the cars are still ready to go.

The tour is a journey into the past and the future, to visions of the past and today. For the 20th anniversary of the GDR, the Spreepark was opened as a cultural park Plänterwald. We get photos that show happy socialism. After the turnaround, the park was privatized and millions invested. On an old map is noted with numbers what it was like where to experience. Lack of parking spaces were too few visitors. After the bankruptcy, the manager tried his luck in Peru, he took six rides. In 2004, he came back with 167 kilos of cocaine hidden in a carousel (the original for the film coaster of 2009). What could become of the area in the future is presented to us on the basis of designs commissioned by the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH. Green Berlin wants to replenish the site as a natural, cultural and recreational park. The plans should be completed by 2020. How long the implementation takes, but is - we are finally in Berlin - still in the stars.

If you are already here:
From Spreepark it is only a short distance to the island of Berlin, an idyllic Spreeinsel with beer garden (Alt-Treptow 6, Mon-Fri from 10 o'clock, Sat / Sun from 12 o'clock, and boat rental. Here you can let the experience »Spreepark« with Pulled Pork, sausages of happy pigs and Pilsner Urquell from the tank (!) Relax.

Where? Dammweg Ecke Wasserweg, Treptow +++ S8 / 9/85 Plänterwald, from there 1.5 kilometers or 20 minutes on foot +++ When? Guided tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 13 and 15 o'clock, in summer also on Thursdays +++ +++ how long? Approximately 90 minutes +++ Important! Everything is changing in the Spreepark; check the website for any changes! +++ How much? 5.50 euros, children 3.50 euros +++

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