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This time, I gave almost all plans for a trip to Rome out of hand. Somehow I'm now completely helpless in the plane, below me somewhere Switzerland and soon Italy.

On the phone I search desperately and of course without internet the most important places in Rome out. My map app spits out the wildest suggestions. Apart from the Vatican, Forum Romanum and Kolloseum, I can not do much with the other proposals. Why am I doing this bullet panic right now? I deliberately did not want to make any plans. That's why someone else wanted to take care of it.

10 things - or just nothing going on in Rome

Why do I know so little about Rome? I wonder. I have not dealt with the city for a long time, only know fundamentally about the story. Stop what's left over from school time. I honestly googled only two things before the holiday: "How do I get to the Vatican quickly?" And "What is the best entry strategy for the Roman Forum?" ... Well, or something like that. Google forced me to save my search queries, so this is an afterthought. Why exactly the two things? They were assigned to me by the Central Planning Committee of the Journey; Friends who invited me to explore the city with them.

On the thousands of pages of "The 10 best things in Rome" and "You must not miss this in Rome" I did not get stuck. Too many other things ran parallel and were always more important than planning this "vacation". It has been difficult enough to coordinate the flight with my own from a totally different direction if you do not want to invest a fortune in money or a priceless amount of time.

Finally, I have due to lack of time on the strategy Vatican is booked at the Vatican and then but also the full package, so I do not have to queue. And for the rest ... well, haphazard until the last minute. While my plane still lands in the best weather and I have to relentlessly pass the time in the terminal, the plane of the other lands only three hours later; of course in the rain. So, now the city trip to Rome can begin. Somehow unexpectedly we arrive at our AirBnB. I had imagined everything more chaotic. But everything is relaxed except for a full metro and smaller potholes that make the way to accommodation with trolleys a sport. No traffic, no honking, where did I land?

What else did I expect?

So far, my expectations drift further apart with reality than I could have imagined. Rome is downright good. But one thing remains. The abundance of tourists. Here I am one of thousands, maybe tens of thousands, torturing themselves through the streets. In search of "the Rome". The city, made by its travel guides, the thousands of blogs and websites to a city that has secrets everywhere and their lonely places. For days I search these places. I find only the common tourists: sorted, unsorted, strung, confused, red, brown, amused and happy. Of course, I'm one of them too.

And there are also 1000 reasons to visit Rome. The history and beauty of the city is really worth a visit. But you pay the price with queuing, waiting and crowding. The best time to visit the city is unlikely ever to be. But you can make the visit more enjoyable. But you have to take some money in hand and you skip the lines before the Vatican, Roman Forum and Colosseum. The official websites of these places already have the best offers and tickets ready. It is hardly worth spending more money on the agencies. In addition a good travel guide for the history and the local knowledge and already everything is eaten.

What can not be missed?

And that's where the problem starts. Miss is one of Rome. The city is huge. The corners countless and the experience goes against infinity. But somehow a small plan is included. At least, if you're in town for a short time, think about what you want to see at the big sights. But too much in one day is stressful again. So plan only two to three major attractions and in between just spontaneous turns, change direction, ice cream parlors, places and restaurants plan. And those who like to walk, will get their money's worth in Rome. A bus ticket is hardly worthwhile, except for trips to the accommodation in the cheaper "bacon belt". The rest is easy to explore on foot.

Why should I list here the 10 most beautiful things in Rome now? Everyone knows the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trastevere bar district and probably much more. Other blogs can do that much better.

So I stick with a tip : just go without a plan. Do not want to see everything, but just get involved in the unknown. A nice café, a good pizza and a huge ice cream are there as an experience.

I enjoyed Rome. Even if it does not sound like that, but the city is worth a visit and definitely worth seeing!

  1. Marlene Unterhofer

    Do not you think, dear Dominik, that it is meaningless to emphasize over and over again how haphazardly you approached your trip to Rome? Is that supposed to be cool or intrepid or roots-backpackish? Anyway, I just find it embarrassing. Anyone who focuses on their own image in the Eternal City will miss everything. Such guests did not really deserve 'l'ombellico del mondo'. Be tedesco e rimani tedeco per semper, caro Dominik.

  2. Your comment, dear Marlene, hits the nail on the head. With your good writing style you should rather write such articles yourself. I have been back in Rome with my family recently and am quite disappointed with such texts. This site has earned something better.

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