Lu morning star



China, you crazy country!

Strange things from the Middle Kingdom

That's how you make your experiences travel. Many prejudices are confirmed, some dissolve. Not every new insight is necessarily good, but mostly at least interesting. Sometimes you have to practice tolerance, learn to accept and understand. And sometimes you just have to smile because lovable quirks appear that you have not known before. In China, I got something from everything. OK then!

A dispatch from 1001 Nights

Goat market in Oman

It's Friday in the Sultanate of Oman. Actually, it is the 25th of December 2015. 7:30 am, the clock says, while the sun is just stretching its rays over the Hajar mountains and winking at us. We roll happily through the morning and head for the goat market. A spectacle that we do not want to miss.

A hiking day in the Julian Alps

Slovenia, you are so wonderful

Arrived atop this unspeakable mountain, we lost ourselves in sun and clouds. Watched as birds of prey and butterflies danced around us. We devoured the view that offered us, the surrounding mountains, the valley, the emerald river. At first creeping and then ever stronger, this feeling came to us, which means freedom and happiness. And suddenly I knew it was love.

Why me in Cape Verde? Not. Sleep. Could.


Vacation, rest, sleep. And puff cake! But I would be far ahead if sleeping would be introduced as a special Olympic discipline. But that was not to be thought of in Cape Verde and so I was feeling awake all the time. For reasons. That, however, gave me the opportunity to deepen my acquaintance with this early bird, and he took me to a world I rarely have access to.

Fishing in Cape Verde

Fish ahoy!

Rocking for hours in a small boat on the Atlantic to fish? I probably would not have come to the idea soberly. Because I can not swim very well, nor have I ever had a fishing rod in my hand. When I realized what I had got carried away, I thought: Damn! But I could not get out of the number anymore.