Petra, Jordan

Finally: Indiana Klys also finds a Holy Grail!


Petra. Two thousand and a few years ago an Arab people cut a city into red, inhospitable sandstone mountains.

Then the Romans were there, and then long, except a few earthquakes, no one over. Lately, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford made thirty seconds of their movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," with many nasty Nazis and a nasty act of searching for the Holy Grail, and since then Petra has been the main source of income for the Jordanian state budget ( as of November, a mere 50 euros will be lost on the day ticket).

It was recently voted one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, and accordingly, a powerful tourist crowd is being spat out daily at the gates of Petra. Italians, French, Germans, Americans, Japanese and Chinese, from all over the world they get out of their chilly coaches.

But despite the chattering crowds and the shabby commerce (a horse is included in the ticket, but without a beak, no horse is swinging its hooves), Petra remains one of the most fascinating places on earth. Hidden in red, wildly shaped rocky mountains, you pass through a narrow canyon ("sik") for over a kilometer that has always been the gateway to this mysterious place.

Until then, and for that moment, every Indiana Jones fan knows how to open the gorge to a large rock-clad place, and I can see the ingenious façade of the "Treasury" looming in the middle of the vertical rock wall in front of me. A truly sublime sight. The other two million tourists like it too.

However, Petra is much more than that, I spend three days there, there is a theater carved out of the rock, temples destroyed by earthquakes and countless tombs. I climb off the main roads (suddenly all alone) through the colorfully marbled rocks and enjoy the panoramas of this barren area.

And I'm allowed to experience "Petra by night" (again 12 Euro): Candles illuminate the way through the Sik to the treasury. It is very romantic. Something is missing, ah, right, the woman, no matter. The Ethno show misses my two cronies and me "unfortunately" and enjoy the silent walk through the gorge ... so almost perfect!

  1. The candles look like tiny light stalagmites growing out of the ground.

    Nice pictures (can you even "hear" this comment;) * Dreams a bit of Indiana Jones fame *

  2. Funny: Indy came to German TV this Sunday. Have watched in part (do not know the movies otherwise) and have just caught the scene in front of the pillar entrance. Thought I was looking at it: "Wow, that's when the stage makers had to stick together long papier mache until they had this surreal fabric together ..."

    Well, I was probably mistaken :) Thank you for the (unintentional) education

    • like to happen ... funny that the movie came on tv! in the hostel in petra he runs every evening :(

  3. Exciting beautiful pictures - after an exciting day I will fall asleep with Petra in the heart - you too? All the best in Cairo - ITAV

  4. Alex the Swede

    Wow there was no Petra by Night when I was there ... too bad ... it's something special..rusty your pictures are exactly as I imagined ... fabulous :))

  5. Wow, that looks great by day and by night only ... overwhelming! Could you just sleep in the sleeping bag like that !? Greetings, Josh

    • unfortunately not, they are pretty strict. at 6 o'clock in the evening is over. but there are people who save the entrance and come before 6 o'clock in the morning ... I do not do something like that! :-)

  6. beautiful pictures, thank you !! at least that's how I saw it: D
    best regards

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