Out and about in your own home

16 countries. 13 months. 61 very personal insights.


The decision to do this trip
was the best decision of our life so far.

01 // The decision to do this trip was the best decision of our life so far.

02 // The decision to get married was at least as good.

03 // Happiness is within you. You just have to find it and, more importantly, allow it.

04 // There are a thousand reasons not to do something. One reason alone is enough to do a thousand things.

05 // It is wonderful to travel with your own home.
It is nowhere as beautiful as at home - no matter where you are!

06 // Seven square meters of living space get bigger over time!

07 // We didn't need about half of our packed things.
After two months we started giving things away.

08 // A cruising speed of 65 km / h is absolutely sufficient.

09 // We have used less than ten western toilets in the past few months.
Often these are much less hygienic than an outhouse.

10 // One and a half liters of water and a bar of soap are sufficient for a complete body wash. Especially when the water is freezing!

11 // A fresh, clean stream, river or lake is more beautiful than any shower.

12 // Cleaning is no fun even when traveling!

13 // A four-month relationship is enough to buy a 7.5-ton truck together.

14 // Our 435 Unimog is the best travel companion you could ask for.

15 // Indian hand soap smells like the staircase in our grandparents' house in Arnos Grove in London.

16 // There are no "plugs" in Asia . Or?

17 // Clean drinking water is the most precious commodity on earth. Every sip is a gift. Especially if you find it yourself, organize it, buy it, filter it, fill it in, treat it with UV light, pump it - or how a large number of people have to travel long distances from the only well in the village to their own house.

18 // You can drink tap water from Germany to southern Iran!

19 // Porridge is the best, cheapest and most practical breakfast in the world!

20 // Carrots are red in India !

21 // If we are not guests or we are given fish,
we eat completely vegetarian. And that wasn't really planned!

22 // You can get a horse stomach by traveling slowly!
In one year, none of us seriously spoiled our stomach.

23 // The horrors of war in ex-Yugoslavia - right on our doorstep -
we have unfortunately only on this trip (after our stay in Sarajevo)
can really grasp. We are still very ashamed of this.

24 // Sarajevo is an incredibly moving, eventful and exciting city.

25 // Iran is the largest camping and picnic people we have ever seen.

26 // We never felt unsafe in Iran.

27 // Giant egg turtles in Oman were one of the most impressive natural spectacles
that we have ever seen.

28 // Half of Kerala's residents live in Oman. Probably.

29 // At 5,416m you feel a lot closer to heaven.

30 // Heat can be bad. High humidity combined with high heat is the killer!

31 // Helpfulness and hospitality have nothing to do with wealth or education.
Very poor and very rich, simple and very educated people invite strangers into their home
or offer travelers their help impartially.

32 // It's not about places. It`s about people!

33 // We'll never understand the rules and meaning of cricket.

34 // There is nothing more beautiful than the children of this world
who laugh, wave and rejoice impartially.

35 // Nepalese children scream louder than Indian children when playing.

36 // We will never get used to poverty and misery.
Starving children are starving children are starving children!

37 // The subject of “garbage” and how to deal with it -
are sometimes the most discussed topics of our trip.

38 // For us as an Overlander, Turkey has so far been the most expensive travel destination.

39 // Refueling can be fun in Iran!

40 // Travelers who “hate” the residents of their host country (original sound)… Please stay at home!

41 // Traveling for a long time shows who real friends are.
Or for whom you were simply a means to her or him
To have company over dinner.

42 // Distances can never be too great for a real friendship!

43 // We miss our friends and family. Oh man, how we miss her!

44 // We are infinitely grateful for our wonderful friends and family,
which we feel so much despite the great distances and which we can always have with us at heart.

45 // Time goes much slower as soon as you experience more.

46 // If an alarm never rings, Jen sleeps exactly 9 hours a day. Peter 8

47 // You can feel freedom when you are no longer pursuing goals.

48 // Rituals and routines are helpful to recover from (too) many impressions.

49 // A trip in a Unimog with differential locks, four solar panels with a total of 500 watts, a solar controller, a 24 / 12V voltage converter, 2 × 12 volt gel batteries with 300 amp hours, a 24V water pump, a 12-volt lighting concept , a 400 watt boiler, a 24 / 220V voltage converter, a 220 volt battery charger, a gasoline generator, two diesel tanks, diesel additives, brake fluid, gear oils and various other oils - refreshes the physics / chemistry intermediate level considerably again.

50 // There's always something. (Broken!)

51 // In the monsoon season, the silicone syringe is our most loyal friend.

52 // Security in life is nice. If it is no longer there, it is no longer missing.

53 // Moving out of your comfort zone - consisting of infrastructure, cleanliness, financial security, social environment, political stability - initially requires supposed courage. At the moment it feels a lot braver for us to go back there.

54 // German bureaucracy seems complicated.
To deal with the arbitrariness or unpredictability of other countries
is much more complicated.

55 // Corruption in this world is much worse than arbitrariness.
It steals something really precious from so many people: hope.

56 // Seasons are wonderful!
You should be happy about the heaviest rain, the greatest cold,
the thickest fog, the icy wind and the hottest sun!

57 // But: The climate is changing. Worldwide. Point!

58 // No matter what comes, nobody can take this trip from us!

59 // Life is wonderful!

60 // When we told others about our upcoming trip over a year ago,
we heard concerns about “leaping” and concerns about “jumping back”.
We can now understand the concerns about "jumping back"!

61 // We are both extremely grateful that we met.
To get to know and love a like-minded person
who is brave enough to give up his previous life for a journey into the unknown,
is a very special gift!

  1. Stefan Schirmer

    I can understand many of the findings; they speak from my heart!
    Thank you for this compilation and all the best on your further journey through countries and life!


  2. Some of it seems very familiar to me;)

    However, I hope to be able to experience these things again with jmd! :)

  3. Hello you two,
    it's really so nice to read and dream. We haven't made such a gigantic trip ourselves, but we can understand every single point 100%. Really great.

    best regards

    • Hello Falk,
      yes you don't have to go far and long to suddenly see things differently.
      A little distance from everyday life is often enough!
      Best regards, Jen and Peter

  4. Campalin

    Your words go straight to the heart. Thanks for that! And all the best for you on your further journey!

  5. Anne Kluba via Facebook

    Wonder Enchanting !!! :)

  6. Thank you very much!
    We are very happy to be there!

  7. Lena Kuhlmann

    Individual, small, true, human observations. You can only find them if you have really experienced them. Very nice.

  8. "You can feel freedom when you are no longer pursuing goals."


    It has to be a great, very uplifting feeling.

  9. What you did takes a lot of courage. My respect for it!

    And that's exactly where you have to get:
    “52 // Security in life is nice. If it is no longer there, it is no longer missing. "

    Good luck on further trips

    • Thanks Christian!

      I don't even think it takes a lot of courage.
      You have to make the decision ... and then everything goes step by step.

      Wishing you all the best!

  10. Hello you two! Well said, written above all honest and personal. Nice that you are now at the despatches :)

  11. “Security in life is nice. If it is no longer there, it is no longer missing. ”- very nice knowledge. I can only confirm!

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  13. Beautifully written!
    You speak to me from the soul :-)
    Safe travels!

  14. hm and hach.

  15. A nice compilation that shows that the listed points come from the heart! Many beautiful and exciting insights!

  16. You don't just have unique experiences, you also find friends for life! Thanks for your contribution.


  17. My favorite report for years…. It is saved under my favorites and I read it over and over and over again !! THANK YOU :-))

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