Travel reports from Malawi


Clash of Childrenization

So, I go to Mkangamira kindergarten in the morning and have a real culture shock for the first time since the trip began, although my only reference, as I said, is subjective and nostalgic. Actually, everything is in butter: The children come voluntarily, are not beaten and cut as a rule not off. The garden has toys, colorful posters with rules of behavior and two aunts who know. The children also behave adequately silly, quarrelsome, curious or angry. But they do not play.



Mkangamira is located near Lilongwe and has a kindergarten project where I "help". Before I came, I would have been relieved if someone had canceled my visit for whatever reason. Then I would just have stayed in Lilongwe on the Internet and would have made trips to the surrounding area, how nice! I was really scared, not necessarily of snakes or darkness, but of social isolation because I can not speak Chichewa. Luckily, nobody canceled and I drove. Three weeks as a guest of the family Benesi, who is so incredibly nice.

Nkhata Bay, Malawi

The impossibility of staying

Travel and love are our greatest happiness fantasies, Alain de Botton once said. Both are the romantic search for paradise, for profound fulfillment, and the insight that it is impossible to preserve this place of longing forever. Only at home, the author understood the importance of his laborious overland trip to Lake Malawi. A parable.