Travel reports from Brazil


Canoeing the - Part 1

Heavy, gray clouds are reflected in the river. A flock of colorful parrots flies shrieking over the evening sky - they are probably just looking for a suitable rain cover under the dense canopy of trees. Luckily, in the afternoon, the sun was shining a bit - the dry firewood for our dinner safely stored under the large plastic tarpaulin, the outer ends of which we attached to four wooden sticks with a string. Our small canoe is tied to a stable branch, now it drifts quietly on the water surface

Three Years Traveling Slippers: A birthday special

From Leipzig to Alaska Hitchhiker: Through the (3)

And so finally I came to Venezuela. The passport control was in ominous circumstances. Some motorcyclist collected our passports and we were taken to a small back room. There was a man with a leg infection and was enjoying a foot bath while his wife was preparing something in the open kitchen.