Travel reports from Georgia

Skiing in Georgia

Snowboarding with monks

For a few weeks we are already in the Georgian Caucasus and sink deeper and deeper into it. Even if that was never our intention. Actually it should only be a short detour, but then we could not let go of the huge fold mountains. The reason for this is the people here, the snow masses, the gigantic peaks and the legendary monastery, which hides somewhere, very close under the sky.

Rustavi, Georgia

The city where history is reflected

Rustavi, 25 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi, is the fourth largest city in Georgia - and probably attracts hardly any foreign visitors. If someone comes, then because of the largest car market in the South Caucasus and not because the city is so pretty. But even without any tourist attractions, the city is worth a visit, because it illustrates the history of Georgia like no other.