Kharga and Dakhla - a trip to the desert

Disillusionment in Egypt's oases


The oases cleaned up with each of our cliché ideas during the trip.

Having arrived with the romantic notion that oases consist of small waterholes lined with palm trees and where camels refuel after a long and arduous journey, we were a little surprised when we arrived in Kharga.
We saw no camels, no water hole, not even fountains, instead an ugly small town. In the course of the trip, the oases cleaned up any of our stereotypes anyway.

cockroaches in our hotel room are certainly also to blame. The city itself has nothing to offer except a very small old town center, the sights are all outside. Most can only be reached with a 4 × 4 vehicle. After all, you can get to the oldest Christian cemetery in the world (al-Bagawat) by taxi.

thumb wrestling . Muhammed Ali against Joe Frazier, Obama against McCain, Kahn against Lehmann - there have been many legendary duels, another was added in Dahkla:
A thumb fight with Ahmed.

  1. These nasty clichés pull the traveler to place xy or keep him away from yz! But the donkeys look like cuddles :-)

  2. Oh, that's the greatest happiness in life: spending time in the wrong place - looking for the right, because better, goal! Hoping that it’s nuclear-cockroach-free…

    PS: How do you think about Dakhla today?

    • I would also be very interested in how Dakhla is today. Of course, time stops in my imagination. But who knows, maybe the old town is completely demolished.

  3. Reddi

    Why is such an old ole camel from 2 years ago served here?

    • @reddi: Oh, yes, clear, forget: We should rather delete the Internet every 12 months so that no old stories appear in it! : D
      That's the funniest comment I've ever read, I think. * giggel * :)

    • @Reddi: To annoy you!

      And seriously, don't you tell your friends about old camels? It's a story, stories are told years later, again and again.

      And whatever else @Inka says. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful article. Disillusionment must be the primary goal of any real voyage of discovery ...

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