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Traveling slippers from Bolivia and Peru - encounters between deserts, mountains and rainforests, on roads and lakes, in ruins and metropolises


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She laughs with Bol.com dolphins, overcomes roadblocks and runs in the wilderness. Glittering glaciers, dense rainforest and barren deserts astonish you. But the meaningful stories tell her the people she meets on the way. They provide insights into their lives, sometimes short and easy, sometimes intense and profound.

Powerful, Jennifer tells McCann about her trip through Bolivia and Peru. Without hiding, insistent and reflected.

Spontaneously Jennifer McCann travels alone to Bolivia - the study just ended, but without a clear idea of ​​what she wants from life. On the way, intuition and coincidence lead her further to Peru, where she works as a history seeker for a television documentary. The women and men she meets on their journey report from their lives and bring the past of both countries to life. They are portrayals full of power, tragedy and devotion.

Jennifer tells of great sights that are fleeting, and of small moments that reverberate for a long time. And to find their own way, with the certainty of mastering the future.

- With many photos and cards, printed throughout in full color
- Reading at the Literaturhaus Hannover on November 17, 2019 at 11 o'clock

Jennifer McCann, born in 1987, lives and works in her hometown Hannover as a teacher and author, most recently for the anthology The Travel Episodes, published by Malik National Geographic. Prior to her studies, she spent a year working in development cooperation in Tanzania.
On her journey through Bolivia and Peru, she discovered that the toast sold as a remedy tastes less disgusting when the market woman lovingly winks at drinking.

ISBN 978-3-96348-007-2

Bolivia Peru travelogue: From the content

La Paz: Arrive
Salar de Uyuni: life node
Cochabamba: Jesus
Yungas Street: Camino de la Muerte
In the Pampa: Hernando and Edith
In the Yungas: coca

Lake Titicaca: the floating islands
Tinajani Canyon: The Expulsion from Paradise
Cusco: navel of the world
Cusco to Ollantaytambo: In the jungle
Machu Picchu : Man tired
Ayacucho: The Shining Path
Via La Oroya to Cerro de Pasco: city without colors
Huascaran National Park: 45 seconds
In the land of Chachapoya: hummingbirds, mummies and ruins
Chiclayo: The fishermen of Santa Rosa

Cochabamba Tarata: Back in Bolivia
Sucre: Safe in the world
Potosí: In the mountain
Sur Lípez: silence

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Jennifer McCann



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