Travel reports from Namibia

From the land of loneliness

Namibia rocks!

Namibia rocks! And that's exactly what I'm writing. Because Namibia dances with not a few breathtaking rocky landscapes. Quite apart from the gigantic Fish River Canyon in the south of the country, which, only on the edge, as a little brother of the Grand Canyon applies, there are a few more mountains that are worth exploring.

Visiting Windhoek's Katutura Township

"Where we do not want to live"

There are a few things I did not know about Namibia. Everything started with the left traffic. Left-hand traffic in a former German colony? Jap, because Namibia was placed under South African mandate after the First World War. By the way, that lasted until 1990. Only with the independence Namibia received its today's name. Before that, it was simply Southwest Africa.