Or: How to safely outshine yourself as a grader in Business Class

Six Rules for Business Class Newbies


Have you been dreaming of sitting at least once on a long-haul flight in Business Class? Then you should be pre-occupied with what exactly awaits you.

Almost everyone dreams of being pushed through the business section not just on their way to the wood class, but to change their perspective and instead become the recipient of envious glances. Then the dream suddenly comes true and you hold a ticket with the letter J or C in your hand, at best on a long-haul flight, unlike Y or M for the Loser class. But before you get into anticipation all too quickly, it's worth noting a few basic, unwritten rules for traveling as a better person:

  1. Check-in: Juchhu, you can bargain for the long queue in front of the economy counters and stand right on the red carpet behind the glowing 'Business and First Class' sign. Seconds later you're already there, and the problems start: Your suitcase or backpack is the Lieblingskratz- and sleeping place of your fur nose and the money for lint rolls you invest in the travel fund rather prefer? No-go, if you want to fly business! From the look of the lady at the counter reveals disgust, while she so loud that it rang to the ranks of the cheap lot owner, asks: "What YOU have for an animal"? And now the queue at the Business Class becomes longer and longer, while the lady feels called to remove the unappetizing hair with the adhesive tape of the case-destination stickers.

Rule: Not only you, but also your luggage must come along worthy Business Class.

  1. Business Lounge: Instead of squeezing the empty water bottle under the faucet in the toilet, queuing up for free drinking water - if existing - or in the worst case spending huge sums for a coffee, tea, soft drink or snack in the terminal, you can relax to the land of plenty, better known as the Business Lounge. The magical J or C pass serves as a key to open the sesame, and a rich buffet spreads out in front of you with everything you could wish for, whether salty or sweet, healthy or unhealthy, including beer, Wine and high percentage. "All you can eat drink" is the principle, but beware - if you give it up, you'll soon regret it.

Rule: Enjoy the buffet in Business Class with such caution as if you were on a diet after Christmas.

  1. The first minutes in the plane: Finally! You have taken your seat in the front rows and realize immediately that it is as wide as your TV chair at home, but with many more buttons. Now, the temptation is great to try them all, to understand how far exactly the seat extends under the front seat, how to fold out only the leg rest and which position is the back and po-friendly. Tip: Let it be! Especially when you are at the bottom, the flight accompaniment comes with a menu and wine list as well as the first drink from the rolling bar, which has more to offer than your favorite pub: champagne, beer, various white and red wines, vodka, whiskey, Rum - all for free!

Rule: Leave the seat alone, because you do not want to initiate your first business flight horizontally!

  1. Goodie Bag: With a glass in your hand, from which it tingles vigorously, you are probably already happy, but it gets even better - immediately follows a present in the form of a cosmetic bag. As a true freshman, when you open up the classy-looking part and spread the content over your legs, you'll be outraged with a free toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, even a small hair brush and creams for face, lips and hands, wipes and velvety soft Slippers in elegant black.

Rule: Do it cool, put the bag in your front seat one meter in front of you and look in bored at the earliest five minutes later to slip on your slippers.

  1. First class food: At the latest, if you study the dining list of the 5-course menu with 3 possible options per course, you will understand why restraint in the business lounge is a success. Be resolute and ready to order if your wishes are met with a pen and a pen. And be prepared for a dining-orgy like in the Michelin-star restaurant, which will rob you of your sleep: amuse-bouche, to wash down the next glass of champagne or wine, soup, first and second courses, dessert. Prepared on a light cotton tablecloth on the folding table and eaten with real stainless steel cutlery, including stainless steel knife!

Rule: Get on the plane with an empty stomach.

PS: If you plan a murder by stabbing in the plane, fly in business class.

  1. The end: If you want to give in to your gravel cravings and get some business class souvenirs with you, be it the noise-isolating headphones, the pretty plaid blanket or the thick pillow, the staff guesses your low thoughts just one hour before landing and collects everything , what is not nailed down, again. But at least you get your jacket back, which was taken from you at the entrance and hung in a cupboard, because flat or frizzy jackets are at the grader level. Even the exit is civilized in front of him, no trampling on his feet and work his way forward with his elbows. The Business Class enters first and then back out first. And then? Dreamed, you are again every Hinz and Kunz, who errs through the terminal. With one more problem: you can no longer distinguish your new-looking, animal-hair-free suitcase from the others on the band.

Rule: Mark your suitcase early with something other than your pet's coat and keep your humor at any cost, no matter how many times you're turned into a VIP!

The first business class flight of my life took place at the invitation of Air Astana with destination Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

  1. Gorgeous ... Now the secret is revealed. Thank you for the reading fun. And I think for the difference between the possible ticket classes you can buy wonderfully beautiful slippers and eat a five-course meal;)

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