From monkey engineers and the monkey army

Have monkeys built the world's longest bridge from India to Sri Lanka?


"From Sri Lanka by ferry to Tuticorin, India" was on our visa application. The Indian Embassy did not know any more than we do that there has not been a passenger ferry between India and Sri Lanka for 2 years.

"From Sri Lanka by ferry to Tuticorin, India " was on our visa application. The Indian Embassy did not know any more than we do that there has not been a passenger ferry between India and Sri Lanka for 2 years.

The overland connection between Sri Lanka and India has a long history. Until the civil war in the 1980s, you could easily get a train ticket from Chennai to Colombo.

It was even easier before the 15th century: until the year 1480, you could easily walk to today's island!

Adam's Bridge on Google Earth © Google

Adam's Bridge as a land bridge

About 40,000 years ago, the first humans came from India to Sri Lanka via Adam's Bridge. They were followed regularly invaders from Tamil Nadu, who conquered the island again and again.

But over 500 years ago, the land connection was destroyed by a major seaquake. The remains of the land bridge are still clearly visible on Google Maps.

Known in India as Rama Sehu, the bridge is either a naturally formed sandbank, or more than 30 km, the longest man-made bridge in the world. It depends on whether you ask a devout Hindu or not.

It is only half the truth of human hands, allegedly, an army of monkeys stone by stone the Adam's Bridge to Sri Lanka built.

The island of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, 30km from India

Monkey Engineers and Monkey Armies

The holy Hindu scripture Ramayana is about Ramas wife Sita being kidnapped by the demon king Ravana to Sri Lanka. Sita is being held captive by the demon army in a cave near today's backpacker Ella.

Rama begins a campaign to free his beloved Sita. Ironically, he sets off with an army of monkeys. With the help of monkey god Hanuman and with the know-how of the two monkey engineers Nala and Neela, the monkey army builds the bridge to Sri Lanka and defeats the demons.

Honestly, this story sounds no less plausible than what we know from the Old Testament written at about the same time, right?

Because I like monkeys , despite monkey bites in Nepal , I told my girlfriend daily during our Sri Lanka stay of the heroic deeds of Hanuman and the bridge monkey monkey. She did not want to believe it and after 4 weeks monkey bridge was even annoyed by the topic!

Adam's Bridge seen from the plane to Chennai

The last bridge monkeys?

For our entire flight, from Colombo to Chennai, I strained to watch the strait for perhaps descendants of the bridge-building monkeys. Who knows, maybe a small group of monkeys will repair the bridge of their ancestors? We did see the remnants of Adam's Bridge, but no monkey engineers. I also saw the eyes of my girlfriend rolling.

Fortunately, Ana came to my aid, whom I know from Chile . Ana has been a cartoonist for 13 years and has recorded the events of the Ramayana especially for my unbelieving girlfriend. On the resulting photographic proof, it is quite clear how the monkey army, led by Hanuman and Nala and with the help of the blue bear Jambavan, builds the bridge to Sri Lanka. Thanks Ana!

Construction of the Adam's Bridge with Hanuman, Nala and the Monkey Army © Ana's Illustrations

You believe such a clear picture, black on white and in color, is enough proof for my girlfriend? No way! Michela is still unreasonable in the face of this overwhelming burden of proof. She is as stubborn as the people of NASA. They do not believe the story, reports the Hindustan Times.

Infidels even want to desecrate the holy bridge and build a canal for ships. Even the Supreme Court in India has approved the project , the Hindustan Times writes. The court in Chennai has previously ruled that Rama Setu is a human building.

Now, last weekend, the nationalist Hindu party BJP won parliamentary elections in India by a wide margin. The BJP is against the canal project due to religious reasons. Let's see if there is an end to secular mischief in India in the future ...... ..

My friend Michela rolls her eyes

More proof images can be found in the Wikipedia entry for Adam's Bridge .

Supposedly there will soon be another ferry service along the bridge, but soon India and Sri Lanka are not exactly the same as in Northern Europe.

Ana draws caricatures and cartoons by hand on an order basis. She can create individual book covers and illustrate texts as desired. She can even transform a sent photo into a caricature, for example as a special gift idea for a birthday. More information can be found on her page Ana's Illustrations.

  1. Morten Menigmand via Facebook

    Very nice, Florian. Thanks to Ana, you are simply delivering overwhelming burden of proof. ;)

  2. Reiner Beck via Facebook

    Nice report - great drawing! :-)

  3. André

    Yes, you have. I witnessed this epic moment and have already interviewed some eyewitnesses. It was a long-standing act and some had to lose their lives.
    Many families still live in mourning today.
    Kind regards
    Frandrum the monkey bearded

  4. Hello Florian,
    Wow, I did not think that you can still see the land bridge from the plane! Humorous written story. Very nice pictures and caricatures.


  5. Peter

    Great report!

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