A photo journey into the ice

Greenland from the water


No land in sight, eternal water. And champagne. My days on the MS Europa 2, between Iceland and Greenland.

Some say the Europa 2 would be the best cruise ship in the world. I'm anything but an expert because I've never been on one before. But even without Crusader experience, and even though I subtract the almost universal transfiguration of my mind from Elysian refreshments of high volume of alcohol from this journey, I can hardly imagine a more enjoyable way to get from Iceland to Greenland.

When I entered this ship, I was still firmly convinced that the reason for my journey was to see Greenland - a long-cherished dream. Then came the waffles. With hot cherries. Then the casual, but excellent dinner. Wine. Icebergs swam in my long drink. Finally I was able to get rid of the absurd idea - now in the salon with one, two gin among like-minded people - luxury would be unnecessary.

In the first light of the morning, the coast of Greenland appeared. My God, what a luxury to see such a thing! Spectacular. Pass through the Prins-Christian-Sound in glorious sunshine. By the way: Also wonderful to enjoy from the sauna deck. (Note from the editor .: Does a wink smiley have to go there?)

Icebergs! Ilulissat is the third largest city in Greenland with 4491 inhabitants . It is located on the Disko Bay and is obviously the party capital of the island.

I disembarked in Illulisat while the MS Europa 2 traveled to Canada . I would like to enjoy once again the exquisite Chateaubriand. Well, I'll have to return for that. Cheers!

Oh: Do you already know the video with the dramatic music?

Many thanks to Hapag LLoyd Cruises for the invitation!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful impressions of a fascinating journey. So far we have not made a cruise, but this trip leaves you dreaming.

  2. Thanks for the nice review. And, yes, there must necessarily be a wink smiley ...

  3. A neglected destination ... as you can see in the beautiful pictures absolutely wrong! Super nice impressions !!

  4. "At last I was able to get rid of the absurd idea - now in the salon with one, two gin among like-minded people - luxury would be unnecessary." Insanely good set <3 And great pictures !!

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  6. Does "by invitation" mean that the journey was given to you? From Hapag LLoyd? That would be very helpful for classification.

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