Travel reports from Spain

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands: everything is green!

The Balearic Islands are small and manageable. In addition, rich and relatively independent of the mainland. Ideal conditions to change something. Now the islands have taken a course on sustainability and ecology. I love both: eco and the Balearic Islands. So look no further than what's going on there in terms of the environment.

A journey through time for connoisseurs

The province of Valencia - a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and explorers

Seductively greets the blue of the Mediterranean on approach to Valencia, the dazzling metropolis on the east coast of Spain, notorious for its picturesque beaches, its rich cultural life and the lively inhabitants. But for more than a short "hello" is no time, because my journey leads out of the city, into the hinterland of the Region of Valencia. I'm looking for peace, nature and have my hiking sandals in the luggage.

Summer hiking in Mallorca

Sweating and swearing

"That can not be true ... ?!", I run confused over the paving stone, through the small winding streets. "Is there really no sun hat to buy in Alaró? Where are all the tourist booths? Where is the market? "The small town is dead. At 35 degrees in the shade, that's not surprising.