Travel reports from Albania

A walk through Albania's capital

Tirana - past that does not pass

Tirana: How do I encounter the city, whose stones are inscribed 46 years of socialist history, the capital of a country that has been almost half a century separated from the world? Gray concrete buildings, wide streets, laid out for flag-waving infantry, plus some grim monuments, such as the picture that formed in my mind's eye at the word "Tirana".

Travel makes you happy and educates too

Albania - In the land of bunkers

When exactly did Albania get involved in history lessons? My interest in history was initially paralyzed by the never ending Stone Age, maybe that's why I missed the part where it was said that Albania spent until 1990 in complete isolation; like North Korea until today.
However, I can probably blame this educational gap on German school lessons, which Albania considers to be seriously negligible.