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Founded in Berlin. Shaped by the world.

More books with passion. For a better discovery, more intense travel, sinking into it. With great authors, bloggers and designers we design travel guides, inspirational illustrated books, thoughtful reading books. Our books also make design and haptic pleasure, because the beauty of a book is part of his message. Texts and pictures, paper and binding, nothing is thought of alone but is a small Gesamtkunstwerk.

The value of a great book has not been lost by the boom of travel blogs, on the contrary. Our books act as a manual link between readers and virtual channels. For many topics, a book will continue to be the optimal medium in the future. According to the Digital Detox principle, we do not try to create content that requires the reader to immediately grab a smartphone. We want to encourage conscious and sustainable travel.

We start the publishing business privately and our first three books came onto the market with the help of a very successful crowdfunding campaign . The project was included in the recommendations by Startnext and curated by Crowdfunding Berlin. Spiegel Online , the World, the Börsenblatt and many travel and lifestyle blogs reported on the launch of the publishing house.

In June 2018, we won the wildcard for the Frankfurt Book Fair, a jury unanimously chose from 457 applicants - a great honor!

Welcome to the Reisedepeschen Verlag
Marianna Hillmer and Johannes Klaus

Johannes Klaus (* 1981) went on a trip around the world in 2010 - according to popular stereotypes, such a journey changes (and did) the journey: He won the Grimme Online Award for his travelogues. In 2013, his personal blog became the authoring platform, in 2015 he founded Germany's first scrollytelling website, The Travel Episodes, and published three volumes of the same name with Malik National Geographic. 2018 it was time for a new adventure, it was added to the book publisher. As a graphic designer, he can now live out his dream of a perfectly designed book.
Marianna Hillmer (* 1982) unerringly recognizes talents and real insider tips, brings together the right people - and the good stories. She is a native of Hamburg with Greek roots, studied literature, worked in India , Greece and Munich. In 2011 she founded the award-winning travel blog In 2016 she published "111 Reasons to Travel the World" by Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Verlag and became a mother for the first time. With her second daughter pregnant she founded the Reisedepeschen Verlag and proves together with her partner Johannes that equal work and childcare can be compatible.

Photo: Gregor Thorand,