In the foggy mountains


Josh takes another look at the Soviet General Staff card. He is only a few meters away from me and is already swallowed up by the pale wafts of fog. We grin - no plan where we are!

Goldfrapp Pilots

Josh takes another look at the Soviet General Staff card. He is only a few meters away from me, and he is almost swallowed up by the pale fog. We grin - no plan where we are!

With the compass and the outdated map we went from Dilijan in the morning to find a monastery deep in the forest - but without a view we cannot recognize any mountain ranges. Too far north or west, or a few hundred meters further? I don't care, I've seen enough monasteries and the landscape is so enchanted that I wouldn't be surprised if a few pale Lord of the Rings elves emerged from the clouds of fog ...

No human soul crosses our path. Soaked we finally give up and make our way south, always by compass, back to Dilijan. In the valley we follow the railroad tracks that are used too rarely, past the train station. What are all the men doing there all day?

There is not much work in these little towns, and Dilijan has obviously seen far better times when Armenia was doing much better economically under the Soviets. It is gray and depressing under the low-hanging clouds, but I am happy to be here, out of the city in which I have already spent far too much time: Yerevan.

When I woke up on Friday, my first thought was: "I have to get out of here!". There was nothing to be expected here, I saw everything that interests me, Iran is celebrating Ramadan, in Armenia it's the weekend. No chance of developing regarding my visa. Time for an excursion!

And what a nice surprise it was when I strolled through the streets of Dilijan, unexpectedly hearing from my back: "Johannes!" Josh from Luxembourg , with whom I got on very well in Yerevan last week and had done a few things together , comes up grinning. And his plan to look for the monastery the next morning is exactly what I like ...

In the evening, I can feast together with Alfred the Australian in the family pension, something is celebrated. And I am also pleased that it is applied what the grill has to offer, to reject the vodka would be an insult! I don't do that, you adapt, it's a matter of honor.

Klys was also particularly pleased to see a few more distant relatives:

  1. The Frosch-BUs ... wonderful !!!

    Hope you can finally get away soon.

  2. Susie Wise

    Loooove this !!! Laugh, be amazed, learn - all in one contribution. Grandiose !! What did the feast taste like? It looks impressive. And the vodka, did it blow you away? : 0))

    Many greetings and thanks for the nice insight ..

    • I should be blown away by a bit of vodka?!? you know me ;-)
      food was also great, you don't get to travel every day ... best regards!

  3. De Kölsche Klüngel

    Great Uncle Friedrich sends warm greetings ... .. has hoped to Cologne - we will take care of him and cherish ... I promise !!!

    • but if he croaks too much and annoys you just send him back again, the oll nonsense!

  4. What an astonishing family resemblance - astonishing how it prevails from generation to generation - especially those alert, expressive eyes…. ;-)
    Whether it will finally become reality after the continuing fog with the long-awaited, ominous visa ??? I would be so happy for you ...!

    • yes, the visa is slowly becoming clearer from the bureaucratic swaths ... at the end of the week I could be legally on the road again!

  5. Wilhelm Heermann

    I am Austrian and spent a week in Armenia. I can only recommend everyone to visit the country and its people. Armenia is different, everything is different. People are open and approach you. They are not so uptight and tell a lot. It's the warmth there, I don't mean the weather now, but the human warmth, which unfortunately I miss a lot in Germany.

    • hello wilhelm, what can I say. i like armenia and i don't know this accommodation :-)

  6. Rainer ramp

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