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Travel, self-realization and the role of society

My house, my car, my individual journey

Rough rocky islands jut out of turquoise blue water, a few scattered wooden boats adorn the idyllic landscape, a drink in the sunset at the other end of the world. Wow, where Ben is probably on the road again, it shoots us appreciatively (and a little jealously) through the head when we see this photographic excerpt aufpoppen in our social networks.

Travel makes you happy and educates too

Albania - In the land of bunkers

When exactly did Albania get involved in history lessons? My interest in history was initially paralyzed by the never ending Stone Age, maybe that's why I missed the part where it was said that Albania spent until 1990 in complete isolation; like North Korea until today.
However, I can probably blame this educational gap on the German school lessons, which Albania considers to be seriously negligible.

Visiting Windhoek's Katutura Township

"Where we do not want to live"

There are a few things I did not know about Namibia. Everything started with the left traffic. Left-hand traffic in a former German colony? Jap, because Namibia was placed under South African mandate after the First World War. By the way, that lasted until 1990. Only with the independence Namibia received its today's name. Before that, it was simply Southwest Africa.

Episodes of a short trip

Welcome to India

At eight in the morning at Raj Ghat in New Delhi. The haze of Yamuna is still in the air and one enjoys the rare experience of tranquility in India's capital. A couple of cyclists on the way to work, a meditator and a man on the way to the nearby Hanuman Temple cross our way. The latter offers us tea and biscuits; friendly we try to deny.