Nicaragua's west coast

Then you know


On the first day everything is alien to you, on the second you already know all ways blind and on the third you have never been there. Come along and arrive.

And where is the toilet? And where is water? Yesterday you knew exactly where the toilet is. Even where the cleanest is. Yesterday you also knew exactly where to find water and your favorite cereal bar. Now you have just arrived at the Playa Gigante and again everything is new. Although it does not look that different here - a beachfront bungalow, a few laid-back surfers, a few relaxed surfer look-alikes, and no watches - it still feels alien.

All people in this place seem in your new eyes like long-time best friends. Everyone seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know more about it than you do. But before you get to know someone, you first want to reconcile your basic needs. Toilet, thirst, hunger. So you just ask yourself. The one who is relaxing on the sofa, you ask for the toilet. On the way, you discover the signs yourself. They were not there before. The guy in the next room you ask for the next Pupleria to buy water. The next person you meet on the street, you ask for his favorite local restaurant and then try it out.

In the restaurant, all other guests sit together at the bar, are apparently extremely good friends with the owner and order all without a menu, but with "The same as always!" You need a menu card, she reads extensively and then have questions about the individual dishes. "Is it with rice or without it? Can I have it without it? "" Si, si, claro! "Then it comes with rice, but you just take it.

Later you go to the bar of your hostel. Because she's by the sea, because she has super comfy armchairs and because she's the only bar in the village. You go in and do not know anyone. Right now you miss the beach town you left this morning. There you know exactly who is sitting at the bar. Actually, you could have stayed. Well, now you are here and just sit down at the bar. At Nica libre you will meet some other travelers and a few locals. Locals and non-locals mix wonderfully here. You learn that the Pulperia you were in is also the only one here. And that there is better food a bit further down the road. And that Mario drew the big wave on the wall and that's why Nica libre sipped on the house. Far too soon you are too tired from the journey and the many new impressions that you go to bed far too early. That there are no watches here, you already found good from the beginning.

When you wake up, you find yourself waking up right where you fell asleep yesterday. Your bed is so beautiful. Even drowsy from the early morning you find the way to the toilet. Then you roll out your yoga mat on the terrace, make a class and start your day.

When you make your way to Pupleria in the middle of the second day, you already know that you do not need any shoes for it. Even if there are some rocks along the way, you know where they are and you can avoid them. You know that there is a tree in front of the corner, where chickens are always sitting chicken-like. Behind the corner sit the chicken owners in front of the house. If you bend around them, at least two children will be playing on the fishing nets, two adults sitting in a plastic chair and listening to the radio, and a beach pig will eat the chicken food until the radio listeners notice and scare it off.

In the Pulperia you take the water bottle from the corner as a matter of course, plus an apple juice, which is in the rearmost fridge, second floor from the top, rightmost. Sometimes you have to search a bit because so many pineapple juices stand in front of it. But actually there is still one with apple.

To find out what the surf taxi is doing today, it's best not to ask bartender José or the girl for all Rosalie, although you would like to ask her. But you know, you'd rather ask surfguide Kevin directly, then count on plusminus an hour and you're just ready at that time. Then you come with the surf taxi. But if Kevin lets you into the water right behind the wave, you also know that they can grow into big waves that will flush you through.

Half of the village is present at the Open Mic Night in the bar. You go in quite naturally and welcomes the barits. You know who you have to order your Nica libre with and you already know half of those who dare to go on stage this evening. From some you would not have expected this voice.

In the evening, the cow is lying on the beach in front of your house entrance, as if she were basking in the moonlight. You already saw that yesterday. From a distance, she is not visible at first, she fits quite well in the dark benches and stones that are there anyway. But when you get closer, it's the big cow that looks relaxed at the sea. Just as you did in the daytime.

On the third day, when you think about what you eat for breakfast, you wonder that you only had breakfast here twice. All the time you spent here could not possibly have passed in just two days.

On the street, you move so skillfully around the stones that newcomers stop their car and ask you for a good place for the night. When you later sit so naturally on the sofa, newcomers come to you and ask where the next Pulperia is.

But tomorrow it continues.

Thank you very much Gigante Bay for a quick arrival.

  1. Jen Glaarks via Facebook

    ... such a nice light text!

  2. Joanna Doolittle via Facebook

    I'm coming from nica! Haha! Playa popoyo! After a day, you have a lot of new best friends :-D Was just great there and almost did not fly home and preferably at the airport and turned back on my surfboard !!!

  3. That's exactly how we are! ;-)

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