Stefan Korn



Once around the earth as a hitchhiker


My tour covered a total length of 108,895 km. More than 2.5 times the circumference of the earth. I sailed across the Atlantic, tortured myself with a scrap bike through the Colombian Cordilleras, crossed Darien Gap on a cargo ship, rode illegally on freight trains in the US, hitchhiked a light aircraft, am in "moderate" -35 ° Hitchhiked through the Alaskan winter, had to wait at 50 ° in the Iranian desert and have covered a total of more than 100 km on foot.

About one of the last, wild adventures of America

Trainhopping - true love!

Trainhopping is dangerous. In contrast to hitchhiking, a wrong step can mean death here. Or "only" the loss of various limbs. Trains are one of the few objects that are harder to stop than move. How brutal and monstrous these things are, I could only guess beforehand.

How I survived one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

"Whiskey!" "Claro."

My lift was a policeman. I should have noticed that things are not all right here when he got off the bike, started talking to me while he was sailing against his own bike. But sometimes I have quite a long lead. He was also a bit unsympathetic to me, but I can so badly reject lifts and also disagree with regulatory authorities.

Cycling through Colombia

Tour de France for the poor

Actually, I wanted to cross Mexico by bike, then had canceled that again and my sailing friend Victor meant, after all, that Colombia should be such a great bike travel country. Then here. I've bought a passable but good-looking scrap wheel for € 75, put in € 100 again, designed a do-it-yourself bike bag system and then it was almost ready to go. Nearly.

Fight Night at the Patty-Cab Shop

And then we punched each other.

I had mixed feelings about this evening. My last serious fight was at age 13 in the schoolyard against a hostile parallel class. Since then no more fighting. However, I ended my career undefeated. The day before I was overcome by the fear and I just thought: "In what kind of shit are you moving in again?"