Photos and a video: On the Mecklenburg Lake District

raft adventurers


"It's lovely to live on a raft. Sometimes we have the whole flow to ourselves for a long time. The riverbanks and the islands would all be far off in the distance. "

Sometimes you'd see a spark of light, which would be a candle in a cabin window. Or sometimes you'd see a spark or two on the water as a raft or scow or something passed by. Every now and then you'd hear the sounds of a fiddle or a song drifting out across the water from another boat. Then there's the sky, all speckled with stars. They were created or just came into being on their own. Jim thought they'd been made, but I thought they'd just happened. I figured it would have taken too long to MAKE so many. Jim said the moon could have been like a chicken lays eggs. That sounded reasonable, so I did not argue with him. I've seen a lot of eggs, so I knew it could be done. We used to watch the falling stars, too, as they streaked down. Jim thought they were falling because they were spoiled and were being thrown out of the nest. It sure is nice to live on a raft. "
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

If you think you have to travel all the way to the Mississippi for a relaxed rafting experience, then you've cut yourself down a lot. No, friends, there are beautiful landscapes here as well, and one of them is the Mecklenburg Lake District. And you do not even have to build your own rafts, but you can rent them quite comfortably (for reasons, I would like to point out that having your own air mattress or very fluffy sleeping pad is an excellent idea, and a raft is also a wonderful option, one To start confrontation therapy in arachnophobia).

Well, and if these photos do not convince you - then I throw the gun into the grain.

In Mecklenburg Vorpommern you can experience a lot more! Take a look at the adventures of Yvonne, Nina's jokes and Angelika's.

This post is part of a campaign for MV Now . More tips and ideas can be found here: Yvonne goes diving in the Baltic Sea , Nina makes things on Rügen and Angelika goes on Rügen safari !

  1. That looks gorgeous! I literally had a crush on the tiny steering wheel. Only about the encounters with the animal roommates, I should probably first talk to a professional ... you do not want to do anything wrong. ;-)

  2. Already convinced - and in MV there are no crocodiles :-)

  3. Hello Johannes,
    We operate a tourism portal for the region "Thuringian Sea" to market the previously forgotten fjord and lake landscape in Thuringia.
    In our blog we want to bring the readers closer to the region through our excursions and adventures and show that there is also a lot to discover right on the doorstep.

    Unfortunately, at all guest author places are occupied, because we would like to share our experiences here. You may be interested in our contributions and can give us some tips on what we can do better.

    VG from the Thuringian Sea

  4. Hi John,
    great video and nice pictures! This definitely makes you want to experience nature adventure in MV - and breakfast with fried eggs :-). Where exactly were you on the way?

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