Travel reports from Turkey

Book extract: Hitchhiking to India - By land through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

Kars and Ani: The province in winter and the ruins of a metropolis

In northeastern Turkey we reach Kars. The Pronvin town with its intricate history lies silted in a wintry melancholy. From here we explore the former metropolis Ani on the Armenian border. In the past, however, as important as Constantinople, she was not granted a century-long success story. Ani lies today in the rubble of herself.

An encounter in southeast Anatolia

With Yusuf and Emina at the Urfa bazaar

If I had to describe Şanlıurfa with a color, that would be purple. In the provincial town in the deep southeast of Turkey, briefly called by all Urfa, women and men wear mainly purple headscarves in all shades - lavender, lilac, purple. Emina also wears such a headscarf, as well as a glittering and sequin-embroidered red velvet coat, as is customary among the rural women here. She came to meet me on the main road from Urfa, as I was doing my last errands before I drove on to Iran.

Colorful dots on the horizon

With the hot air balloon over Cappadocia

The sun rises over Cappadocia. No cloud can be seen in the still dark blue sky. The air is clear and cold, almost windless. I wear my clothes in the onion system and yet I shiver, pull my woolen cap deeper in the face. Still the frosty night does not give up without a fight.
I'm a bit queasy when we climb into the braided basket of the hot air balloon. Then we take off and float over one of the most impressive landscapes of Turkey.

Asian Istanbul

Between Çay and Heavy Metal

Istanbul. Between tradition and modernity, the city is above all the link between Europe and Asia. Nowhere is it easier to switch from one continent to the other. Nevertheless, the Anatolian Istanbul fades a shadowy existence - far away from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. But anyone venturing across the Bosphorus will experience the city completely new, discover overflowing markets and perhaps enjoy the Turkish lifestyle - somewhere between Çay, Muezzin and rugged guitar riffs.