Causes and symptoms, effects and treatment

Wanderlust - a disease


I'm wanderlust, but I'm really homesick.

The reasons.

I have chronic wanderlust. Really, I could hardly go back from a trip directly. I do not think much here. I've taken care of that, though not aware of it. No, looking back, I can not say that I knew what the consequences of my decisions would be.

I did not realize what it would mean to live a big city life before moving to Berlin. It was not clear to me that by not studying, I would forgo the opportunity to plant roots in the earth. It was not clear to me how my long-term travel would ruin the need for a busy working life from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, from now to retirement. I did not realize how strange it would be to return to everyday life after each of these trips . I did not realize that I would start asking questions about this world. Questions whose answers are to be sought out there. I did not realize that at some point in closed rooms I would not feel well anymore and that being on the way would shape me so much that I can not stand still anymore. But now this is how it is. My name is Gesa Neitzel and I have wanderlust.

The symptoms.

It has become unthinkable for me to do an office job for the rest of my life during the week, to relax on the weekends and only to relieve my wanderlust during the two-week vacation. No, it will not be good for a long time. The symptoms have long since become chronic. Only a permanent air change can still promise healing.

The effects.

So I travel and travel and I travel. And make plans and let the gaze wander into the distance and get hibbelige feet, hardly that stuck again under the office table. At the same time, however, I realize that I do not want to continue this way too long. Traveling around the world alone and without a lead and counting between days to the next departure - that was never the plan. If anything, I was always on the move to find a place to stay. I'm wanderlust, but I'm really homesick.

The treatment.

With advanced disease, my wanderlust takes on different forms. Traveling only for the sake of traveling is no longer enough for me. After all, any amount of self-search will eventually come to an end. But there are enough other good reasons to go out into the world. The wanderlust I will probably not go. That's why it's high time to find a way to come to terms with my illness. And I think I finally know how. I finally know how to tell my story. Of course, I have no idea what exactly will happen in the coming chapters. But finally, I have enough confidence in myself and in the diligence to be able to look forward to the next pages. My life may never be as exciting again as it is now. And not knowing where the journey is going, my biggest incentive is to move on and find out.

  1. Oh. Caught.
    Only this week I had to be aware of my "I have to go away", first again, that I have just returned from the last trip back.
    You describe it quite right - actually it is not wanderlust, but homesickness, the search for the arrival.
    A wonderful contribution, Gesa. And I'm curious where our journey leads us.

    • Thank you, Carina. That's so good! Knowing that I'm not alone with the feeling ...
      Good luck and much blessings in all our ways. Or something like that. Haha.

    • The same thing happened to me. Just returned home after eight weeks in Asia, I would most like to pack my backpack again. :-)

  2. Dear Gesa,
    a beautiful article that puts the feeling into words very well (as somehow always in your reports).
    It's good that there are feelings that send you "feedback from your soul".
    Somehow this has also driven me yesterday:
    I am looking forward to read about your further steps :-)
    Best regards, Tabitha

    • Hello Tabitha,

      Thanks for your text! Seems like you were thinking about similar thoughts yesterday.
      How it goes on with me, will be aired soon.

      Greetings also to you and have a nice Sunday.

  3. Dear Gesa, I'm looking forward to reading what's coming soon;)

  4. Hach. Same here.

  5. I am normally a silent reader, but now I have to get rid of it: I always find your lyrics wonderful! Even if I lead a completely different life, namely the study, the roots and the office job, your lyrics address exactly this longing part in me, which is not so keen on all that. Sometimes I dream of just starting, but then I'm afraid of not wanting to go back. Or to go back but not to arrive.
    For a few weeks now I have a little baby with me. And for me, not understandable, but since then drives us as a family even more the wanderlust. We want to show the whole world to this person and instead of rooting more, it itches us more than ever before. Who knows what the future holds ...
    In any case, all the love for your plans!

    • Hello Nina,

      nice to hear from you, you quiet fellow reader :-)
      I'm sure you will find a way to discover the world together. Until then, I wish you all the best, all the best for the greatest adventure of your life - a new person! How great!!

  6. Julia Lormis via Facebook


  7. I have the same illness. I understand every word. And the life only from time to time. Wild and far !!!!

  8. Steffen

    Hey nice to read from you again. :-) I found myself here and there.

  9. Hello Gesa,
    I have a 9 to 5 job and suffer from eerie wanderlust. I count almost every hour the days until the next vacation and usually I get really sad towards the end of the trip and start planning my next trip abroad. But no matter how nice the holiday was, it is always nice to come home and look forward to telling the loved ones everything about the trip and then planning the next holiday extensively.

  10. yes, who is at home in the world, of course, always homesick.

  11. A beautiful text that speaks to me from the bottom of my heart - I especially liked your little pun "I have a longing but actually I am homesick". It was not until I read that that I really understood what was bothering me all the time. The search for a home, something where I am held and where you (in the long run) can feel alive and happy. Thanks for that Gesa!

  12. finally someone who has the same suffering :-) I often feel very restricted in this everyday life and feel the most perfect when I'm on the road.
    On TV almost only posts about travel destinations or similar. :-)

  13. Hello Gesa,
    your post is a bit older but I just typed in Google "Wanderlust", because I had no idea what else this empty feeling in me should describe. Could not have written better!
    I am probably too young to be wanderlust, I have not traveled too much yet, but I hardly keep it at home and need a change of scenery. Maybe I'm right and a year abroad (but I need a scholarship: /) would be my salvation.
    Oh yes, the longing for the unknown ... Let's see what awaits us :)

  14. nice to know that you are not the only person with this "disease";) ... beautifully written! You speak to me from the soul :)

  15. Sotsuo

    I also searched for "wanderlust" in Google. Somewhere you want to see that you are not alone there. Which is actually impossible in general, with so many people. It's like a lump in your throat - you could just howl. As if you were leaving a part of yourself, constantly, as if you had forgotten something. It's especially noticeable when you get older and your parents naturally get older too. At some point is just ending with travel together. At least partially. On the other hand, I have my hangover here. From me I can say that I am torn. You want to go, but not again. Maybe it's because I could not do all that I wanted to do. Or it is again the thought, you are back in the shitty everyday life. Unhealthy stress and such. Or it just lacks the woman on the side. Alone vacation, I can not imagine.

  16. Madness…

    that is really well written.
    Would not have thought wirlich that there are who thinks and feels exactly the same.
    Everything really fits ... as well as the office job.
    The wandering look into the sky and the desire to explore the world; be free.

    Thanks for the nice text.

  17. Somehow I recognize myself in your contribution fully again ... I just came back from vacation. And today I have to go back to the late shift for the first time, work in retail. But most of all I would like to pack my big travel backpack and go back to the mountains. Seems not to have arrived yet. Greetings from Leipzig

  18. Hello Gesa!

    I just googled "Wanderlust" because I thought that might be the reason for my state of mind. First of all thank you for your text! He is really great.
    I would be interested to know what strategies you have developed to make everyday life a bit more bearable. And at what point did you notice that you are chronically ill?
    I, too, would love to go and discover my identity somewhere. After my suitcase remained unpacked for half a year (always ready for a spontaneous trip;)), I also wondered why and realize that it is mainly culturally and geographically related aspects that make me longing (my work at home, for example I enjoy it a lot). I wonder to what extent traveling helped you in the past to find yourself and to clarify the question of your own identity.

    These are very intimate questions, but I would be glad if you would like to help me!

    Best regards!

  19. I'm reading your article while I drive home from Hamburg, I'm sitting 30 minutes. In the train and I'm already wanderlust :( and pull a miesws face I just realize that I'm a big city kid.

  20. Oh yes, I know that .. I am always drawn to the very far away Vietnam ... I wish I could just live there and visit all the surrounding Asian countries from there .. It is such a horrible feeling here at work to be and to know that one does not really belong here, but to go outside to freedom. Every bloody day I spend looking up to the sky and wondering when I can finally leave again ..

  21. Wow, that's another article that speaks to me completely! Very well written!
    Although I've only been "so real" for three and a half years (and so far only in the semester break), I have already reached the point that I can no longer imagine a working life from 9-5, Monday-Friday. Every other journey just shapes me so much, every time I get so many new impressions and experience so many things that I probably never want to exchange that again.
    You're absolutely right: you start asking "questions about this world" - and where exactly this (inner) journey leads me in the next few years, I do not know yet.
    But I think I do not want to know it, and instead I look forward to every day that's coming :)

  22. Cloudy Cavapo

    I believe that is the yearning for life, REAL life. In everyday life you only work, what you have to do, what is expected of you.
    I've always been different, have my own mind, do not fit into scheme F. I'm often laughed at in the family, not taken for life. I often hear phrases like "man must", "but that's the way it is"
    FORGET IT !!!
    I have to get out, feel freedom ... LIFE :-)))
    The world has always been in my head, I have always longed for it, I am looking for the connection.
    Meanwhile, I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children. But they too have to live with my discontinuity. I hope they do not cause permanent damage ... like eg wanderlust ;-)
    Fortunately my husband is just as crazy as me. We are already planning our trips for later, when the children are out of the house. Until then, it's the annual holidays and our bikes. Main thing out!
    Insider tip: Music. Escape headphones and into another world.

    • Kerstin

      Since I also married and have two children 17 and 20 years old, your report has addressed me the same.
      I travel since I am 16 years old and I am glad to have found a partner who shares my travel fever with me.
      Actually, I also thought that my travel urge will eventually be satisfied and I will calm down.
      That I can drag on it for a long time after a nice journey and my desire to go out into the world was once again satisfied.
      Unfortunately, it is getting worse and I could always pack again immediately and forge new travel plans. My children are also infected and my husband moves. Otherwise, I come across with my remaining family also rather incomprehensible! You can save the money, after all!
      I often dive into my world of ideas and once again I imagine how it is to be on the way longer, mentally pack my suitcase and get me a Reisefüher from the land of my dreams.
      I have a showcase with nice, small, special souvenirs and a wooden box with post and entrance tickets, shells, brochures and other memorabilia.
      When it gets me packing again, I take the time to sink into it.
      I also came to the side because I entered FERNWEH after I wanted to get to the bottom of my feelings.
      Now I am very happy that I am not alone! THANK YOU

  23. Hannah

    I know this feeling only too well, I was in the last 12 months in 10 different countries and within Germany on the road, as soon as I get off the plane I would like to go back. I have nothing that keeps me here, but ultimately I only long for security. There are many who are "jealous" that I am so much traveling, but in the end I am only happy when I am free when I travel and meet new people. I think I'm trying to compensate only what I do not find or lost in Germany. Everything has, I believe, started with the fact that my former friend went abroad (and after 2 years still working abroad).
    Since then I have been trying to fill that empty space with new places and people.
    Nice that I'm not the only one who feels that way!

  24. Hello Gesa,

    I believe you speak to many people from the heart. Thank you for your great blog and the open and honest way in which you write.
    Do not know you personally but judging by your photos you are a very friendly open type and you will be welcome anywhere in the world.
    I wish you all the best, many new impressions and you will find your special spirit in one country.
    It was in Australia with me.

    Take care of you.

    best regards

    PS: The wanderlust has almost destroyed me, bad illness.

  25. I've been back from vacation for a few days and I'm just crying. Only in a bad mood. That was already bad after the holiday last year. But not as bad as it is now. Tomorrow will start my real life with work, etc again and I'm just in such a bad mood. It has always been my dream to emigrate, somewhere to the south. Unfortunately it is hard to find work there. I feel so uncomfortable here. Do not want to live here :(
    And none

    • Hello mimi ...
      I am feeling the same. Stayed last year 1 week in Croatia with my husband's family. This year we were there for 2 weeks. Since 1. 08. We are back and we are worse than ever. I can barely manage my everyday life. Pay now the days until the next vacation. Since we are back we are thinking about how to get away from here. Unfortunately, it is very difficult because even though my husband is Croat, he can hardly speak Croatian. So it's very hard to find a job down there. I am currently training for elderly care. But without mastering the >

  26. Hello, I came to the page, because I hardly endure it from "homesickness". It's a bit comforting to read that there are several people who are. Feel extremely misunderstood here in a small town and can not hear the saying that on vacation everything is more beautiful. I've always wanted to get away from Germany since teenage years, but I did not make it until the age of 26. Unfortunately, it had to be back after 3 months and never arrived properly here. I'm going from a short trip to the next. For me it is not wanderlust, but I have found the place where I feel at home for the first time. Now I am a single parent with 2 kids, which does not facilitate my emigration plans. Realistically, I have to stay here for a few more years ... that means biting your teeth and keeping an eye on your dreams. Even if sometimes hard. So, Gesa, shared suffering is half the pain !! LG, Sili

  27. You write to me from the soul ;-)
    I've done my studies and now an office job, but despite everything always a certain unrest more want. More to see, to experience, not to stop ...
    I love my family, my friends and even my work, but I will not rest until I get away from it. As if I would "come home" only on my travels! On some occasions, for the first time in a (previously) unknown place, I have been able to feel a great inner peace that has made the moment right and valuable.
    Homesickness / Wanderlust should be defined by everyone. We just come home "in the distance" :-)

  28. "I have a wanderlust, but actually I'm homesick." That phrase says so much, at least for me. I have a home and wanderlust, but actually I do not even have a home, because that's where you feel comfortable, right?

  29. "I have a wanderlust, but actually I'm homesick." That phrase says so much, at least for me. I have a home and wanderlust, but actually I do not even have a home, because that's where you feel comfortable, right? PS: I sent the comment before, but did not arrive because I forgot name and stuff, sry.

  30. I admire you for living out your urge to go a long way.
    I feel it again and again and do not manage to come to the yearning and feel like it makes me sick. Always again.

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  32. Konsti

    I'm only 13th Nevertheless: I returned yesterday from Lübeck from the national competition Jugend Musiziert and wants to go back there or elsewhere. In the meantime I even HATE my hometown Munich. Yesterday I had to howl for half an hour. I believe that I am already depressed.

  33. Booker

    I have been doing this for 26 years now with a child and a woman in Germany ...... since 1 child needs something solid ....... After 4 months we are burned out of the boring structure wall here ... .and at least are planning to go somewhere else ... where is no idea anywhere else ... we all need the sea ... we feel qualitatively tied up ... terrible

  34. Dear Gesa

    First I want to thank you for your Wanderlust blog.
    It shows that you are a very warmhearted person and the warmth reaches me too.
    It's bettering my heart since I read this blog and the comments

    I kept going on vacation.
    But since I visited Japan with my girlfriend for 3 weeks, this wanderlust "Enorm" has packed me.
    It's not the same as it used to be before the trip. Since I have completely landed in a different world with different customs and rules, once you have to learn everything like a baby, from the usual customs, rules as well as >

    The food was also very different, let alone music and all the characters. In any case, was indescribably beautiful and whoever I remember the time there, I fall into a deep sadness and tears flowed to me.

    3 weeks over, I'm on a plane from Japan to China and back to my homeland.
    1 week is beautiful, 2 weeks are perfect, at three weeks you are also committed to the new culture, similar to a partner, I would say.

    At home, it was not the same anymore. Traveling fever, unnecessary searches for cheap flights to Japan, even though I do not even have enough money.

    But it has become so common now that I have not only wanderlust to Japan, but to explore the whole world. It may be just for a simple pasta dish or Peking duck.
    Especially in a country like Japan you would not like to come back.
    My head reminds me 10 to 15 times of wanderlust. Sometimes it will take a while and go to other people to talk to you.

    They mean "work and travel". But for me it is much more than that, a disease with symptoms. Of course not meant in a bad sense :)

  35. Hello everybody. Back from the Caribbean, I can barely arrange with this here and now. Yearning for sun, the sea, music, dance, warmth of people.

  36. Greatly described, dear Gesa!
    That's exactly what I know ... even though I need a little mouse like this at home with 1 1/2 years. But from time to time I just take them with me ... in three weeks it's finally time again! ;-)

  37. I'm sitting at home, my eyes constantly out of the window into nature and want to get out ... I rattle off all friends, whether sb has time and desire to drive up and drive away with me, do something, mostly I drive alone - since then I do not have my partner anymore, this has gotten worse. I do not get anywhere and always have the feeling that I have to go away ... search, get out, experience. Plan one vacation after the other and when I come home, this oppressive feeling of "choking" is.
    Thank you, dear Gesa, for writing from the heart. Finally, someone who understands me, who feels exactly the same as me ... I would like to know if anyone has found a solution to this "problem". It definitely does a good job to have like-minded people, because in my environment I'm quite alone with this feeling and no one can understand why I always want to leave.
    Even in a normal car I do not like to sit anymore, because I enjoy this freedom in my smart convertible.
    How true ... I have a wanderlust, but I'm really homesick ... unbelievable! That's me ... always this unrest in me, if I'm in this hamster wheel again too long and just want to go away ...

  38. I'm so wanderlust that it hurts. As soon as I'm back from a trip, I'm already forging my next plans. You can say that I have chronic wanderlust. I like Switzerland and yet, before and even after the birth of my daughter, a constant urge to travel plagues me. I love discovering and getting to know other countries and its people. It is the longing for life and life with all its senses feel and experience. Travel is pure freedom for me! I want to show my daughter the world and am very happy that she shares my passion for traveling. It's been a month since we left Colombia. I fell in love with this country and it feels like heartbroken now that we're back. Secretly, I am already making plans for our next trip to Colombia ....

    • I feel the same way, only that it is not Colombia but Mexico

  39. Gesa seems to have cured her wanderlust because she has not answered for years. I would like to know how she did it. Years ago, since my first trip to the Caribbean, I've been suffering from wanderlust with all the symptoms described so far. It is really bad. The only consolation is planning the next trip, photos and memories.

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