Canyoning in Ecuador

Finding friends while traveling: The Sag-Ja-Trick


In order for acquaintances to become friends when traveling, you sometimes have to cross your personal red line.

There is a very important difference between traveling and everyday life. When you're traveling, you're more likely to do crazy things. In a training seminar to which my team leader Marek once sent me, the lecturer spoke of the inner red line that has to be crossed. "The fun starts behind," he said prophetically. I have to admit that I'm usually a little bit reserved about these crazy things. A team evening in the karaoke bar, on the go-kart track, in a computer game hell. Hach ... if it has to be. In retrospect, such experiences are kind of funny. As a solo traveler, the Sag-Ja-Trick is the most important trick to make friends from Facebook .

How it works?

The execution is very simple. Answer a question that seems somewhat unusual with a short 'yes'. In Spanish 'Si'. In Spanish there is a special pronunciation variation for such cases, which I learned from Miguel . Instead of 'Si' you answer with a more deliberate 'Sü', which gives the 'Yes' with a breeze of 'Yes and No', but still means 'Yes'.

Niko from Argentina : I would really like to try downhill biking here in Argentina. Would you like to?
Me (a few hours before my arm bruise): Yes

Yeisson from LaBarra, Colombia : We can play FIFA Soccer (computer game) there in the playhouse.
Ich: Sü

An undisclosed female from Colombia : “A couple of friends come to my apartment straight away. We invited a woman who presented us with some toys for adult women. You can stay with it too. We order pizza. "
Ich: Sü


in Mindo, Ecuador

I have just met the two French women Amandine and Amandine (yes, they are both called the same) and we are walking a little disoriented through the small town of Mindo when a jeep suddenly stops next to us with screeching tires. "Gregório" shouts a voice cheerfully from the back seat of the jeep. It is the cheerful Venezuelan Rebeca that I met in Quito . Actually we had planned to go to Mindo together, but then something came up and I thought that she would have traveled on again. "I'll take the bus back in three hours," she says. It will fly back home tomorrow. "What did you do in Mindo?" She tells about the frog concert, the butterfly farm, about rafting. "Did you do canyoning?" Our mutual friend Franklin recommended this new fun sport. Now her dazzling cheerfulness gets a brief sad glow. "I wanted so much. But you have to be at least two. ”She looks at me with her big dark googly eyes. "Do you feel like it?" (Short pause for thought) "Sü". Your happiness no longer holds.

an hour later at the waterfall,
Canyoning, also known as 'abseiling' in certain regions, describes a fun sport in which you abseil down a mountain slope like a climber. With the peculiarity that a roaring waterfall is pattering over you. Our guide has just turned on the waterfall. The water is dammed up in the dry season. For tourists it is briefly decongested. Our guide gives safety instructions and I would have a better feeling if I understood the entire specialist vocabulary. Part of the way you can push off the stone with your feet. Then comes the place where the water falls and you hang on the rope in the air. Rebeca leaves first. Me afterwards. We both don't really do it right. In between we hang on a leash like wet poodles. Ice cold spring water is pattering above us. The guide makes funny contortions from above and tries to help us. Somehow it works. I even manage to overtake Rebeca so that I can take photos from below. Happy photos that she can proudly show her friends later. Including one of two acquaintances who have just become friends.

What did it do for me?

  1. A new friend that I can visit in Venuzela. (Of course, only when it is safe there for Gringorios like me)
  2. A very nice place to stay that Rebeca 's jeep driver recommends to me and the two Amandines
  3. After canyoning there was a lot of desire to try canopying. When canopying, steel ropes are stretched across deep gorges. Attached to the rope, you glide from one mountain slope to another. (Unfortunately, the two Amandines have not yet sent me the funny videos of me as a flying superman.)
  4. Unfortunately no one yet who wants to accompany me to the Galapagos Islands .

  1. Well then don't do that if you are invited to a tea house in China or to an art exhibition - unless you want to get rid of viieeel money ...

    But generally speaking, chasing sounds like a good plan

    • Yes, the good old "No" already has its right to exist. "Yes" is a viable alternative, for a breeze of adventure and for getting to know people.

  2. Can also go wrong, as the film "The Yes-Sager" showed: D
    But generally a great approach and certainly a good idea to find new friends :)

    • The following quote occurs to me: "A tragedy that ends well is an adventure." Now all you have to do is decide which adventures to say "yes" and which to say "no";).

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