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The earth is too touristy for you and the trip to the moon is old hat? 10 reasons why the red planet Mars is perfect ...

The earth is too touristy for you and the trip to the moon is old hat? 10 reasons why the red planet Mars is perfect for your next vacation.

Earth vs. Mars - © NASA

"Quiet please" is the new tourism slogan from Finland . But the Finns are pretty noisy against the galactic calm on our neighboring planet Mars.

There is no tourism slogan for the red planet and a trip to Mars is hardly on a bucket list.

In other words, a visit to Mars is a real insider tip !

Admittedly, the journey is a bit difficult - but it's worth it .

Here are 10 good reasons to visit our little brother before the hordes of tourists come ...

Galactic rest on Mars - © NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell

Quiet is not the only thing Mars has to offer. You can really switch off on the red planet. There are no cell phone masts, hardly any satellites and not even a magnetic field.

Mars is between 4 light minutes and 24 light minutes from Earth. With response times of 8 to 48 minutes, you won't even be tempted to waste time on the Internet.

Highest mountain Olympus Mons - © NASA / PICS / USGS

As a hiker you will feel very comfortable on Mars. In the southern hemisphere, mountains alternate with dry river valleys. Valles Marineris is as big as 5 Grand Canyons. Take enough water with you!

There is a special highlight for ambitious mountaineers. Olympus Mons (21,230 m) is the highest mountain in our solar system and is twice as high as Mount Everest (8,848 m). An oxygen device can be useful.

Mars sunset - © NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / Texas A Univ.

You can not only admire a blue Mars sunset from Olympus Mons. The marsh sky is red during the day and turns blue at sunset, the other way around as with us. Drink a blue curacao as a sundowner.

The red-gold color of our earth sunsets comes from our dense atmosphere. The Martian atmosphere is cleaner and not polluted with gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.

Ice on Mars - © ESA / DLR / Freie Universitat Berlin

Mars years last 687 days, almost 2 Earth years. Spring and summer are also twice as long on Mars. Because of the elliptical orbit around the sun, winter is by far the shortest season in the northern hemisphere:

  • 7 months of spring
  • 6 months of summer
  • 5 months of fall
  • 4 months winter

So it's almost always a good time to travel to Mars.

Faces of Mars - © NASA / JPL NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

Check out local architecture on Mars. The face of Mars was discovered by the Viking probes in 1976 and has enjoyed cult status ever since. It is located in Cydonia, not far from some pyramids.

If you are in the area, you should also look at the smiley face from Mars. The smiley is a gigantic street art work by the Martians.

Movies and video games on Mars

Speaking of potatoes, Mars was the setting for many films and TV series, including the classic Total Recall (1990) and the hit film Der Marsianer (2015) with its potato farm.

Many computer games also play on Mars. Among them are some groundbreaking games around 1990 like Doom (1993), UFO (1994) and of course Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988).

Mars and Milky Way - © Mars Chocolate

Martians like it cute. A popular snack is the Mars chocolate bar *, closely followed by the

Mars gravity - © NASA

Mars is not known for its spas and wellness resorts. Nevertheless, you will feel more carefree here than on Earth. With only 38% of gravity, you will only weigh 27 kg instead of 70 kg.

Apart from that, you will feel like Superman and lift weights three times as heavy. The thin atmosphere and lack of ozone layer for quick browning is also great.

Green male

We have known of the Martians since Baron von Münchhausen landed on the red planet with his cannonball in 1915. You know the green men from books, from television and from countless conspiracy theories.

But is it really enough to only know our neighbors from hearsay? Getting to know the local population is one of the highlights of every trip and allows us to grow closer together. Martians are just human too!

Martian moons Phobos and Deimos - © NASA

If Mars is still too touristy for you, have a look at its two moons. Phobos and Deimos are extremely off the beaten path, even for the rover "Pathfinder".

At Phobos you should hurry up. The larger Martian moon is slowly falling onto Mars and will collide or break apart in about 50 million years. Visit Phobos Before It's Too Late!

Mars with Canyon Valles Marineris - © NASA / JPL-Caltech

A trip to Mars has many advantages. There is no crime, no entry fees and no religious conflicts. Entry is without a visa and without a passport. Gay and lesbian travelers are welcome on Mars. Neither dengue, yellow fever nor malaria are a problem.

There are also disadvantages. The proliferation of ATMs is a problem. Drinking water does not come out of the tap. The tourist infrastructure is still under construction. Take winter clothes with you, summer daytime temperatures fluctuate between 20 ° C and -80 ° C. If you like breathing oxygen, take an oxygen device with you.

The current Mars weather report is helpful and you should use Google Mars instead of Google Earth.

From Earth to Mars - © NASA

Realistically, it only makes sense to travel every 2 years, then the distance between Earth and Mars is the shortest. Take a look at the cosmic timetable Earth - Mars for all dates. The next time slot is last minute on April 30, 2018, arriving on January 15, 2019. NASA Insight Lander will take this start.

Unfortunately, no airline flies to Mars, not even Virgin Galactic. Planned manned flights to Mars are:

The planned flights are one ways, with no return flight. But you do not have to show an onward ticket ;)

Mars needs you - © NASA / KSC

If it all takes too long for you, ask the indie rock band 30 Seconds to Mars how they can do it in just 30 seconds.

What are you waiting for? off to Mars!

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  1. There are so many open questions:
    Where can I find a map with 7 Eleven branches on Mars?
    How much extra does a rocket seat with more legroom at the emergency exit cost?
    Is it enough to be at the check-in an hour in advance?

    I think I'm going to travel to the inner earth. Not that many know that the earth is hollow, and therefore it shouldn't be so crowded there either.

    • Of course you are right. All SEO articles on Mars are already planned with information on the "best Mars SIM card", "rocket flight for beginners" and of course the "Mars packing list".

  2. Psst, don't do as much advertising, otherwise Mars will be as crowded as Bali in 10 years. And once there are free wifi workspaces, the slow transfer of data will also improve and then nothing more with digital detox. :-)

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