Travel reports from Switzerland

Goat Yoga in Switzerland

Om Kid Om

"Crazy-Yoga" is a discipline from the creative box for alternative offers. When the glaciers melt and the snow stops, the villages around the ski resorts have to come up with something. And why should the craziest yoga ideas stay where they are born, namely in the US?

An adventurous hike through the Parc Ela

Away from everything

I'm not a true adventurer, would never bungee jumping, downhill driving or do any other extreme sports. But from time to time, I am also willing to leave my comfort zone and test limits. That's probably the reason why I'm lying in a tent in the middle of the Swiss mountains and trying to dry my wet socks with body heat. I'm on Survival Experience in the largest nature park in Switzerland, the Parc Ela. Together with Jan, the mountain guide and two other adventurers we have been traveling since this morning.