Katharina Henryk



Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Lost and Found - on Fogo Island

The view of the vastness of the sea, alone on the top of a mountain, the feeling of being far, far away. What does it matter with us? Why do we have such moments - and where do these great emotions come from, which we feel deep inside? Yearning, gratitude, freedom, love ... Searching for clues - on the way on a lonely island off the coast of Newfoundland!

Eggental, South Tyrol

Ready for take off? The Dolomites from above

The ice-cold, whirlwind wind hits me unexpectedly. The noise of the rotor blades is deafening. I duck away, protectively turn away. What am I doing here? There is no time to think. "Running! Fast! ", A man in overalls calls to us. So I run - fast. Only a few meters, a jump on the stepladder, already I'm sitting in the small cabin. Then we take off!