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Delivery Germany
GVA Joint publishing house Göttingen
GmbH Co. KG
PO Box 2021, 37081 Göttingen

delivery address
Anna-Vandenhoeck-Ring 36, 37081 Göttingen

T +49 551 384200 0
Fax +49 551 384200 10

Publishing agency Germany
Anja Klimashevsky
+49 551 384 20027

Publishing house Switzerland
Claudia Jucker
+41 76 366 41 85

Publishing agency Austria
Directly with the publisher

book wholesalers
All titles from the Reisedepeschen Verlag can also be ordered via Umbreit, KNV and Libri, Buchzentrum and AVA.

Our publishing program 2019/2020

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