Travel reports from Colombia


Venezuela - how we became millionaires for a short time.

A faint beam of light falls on the floor of our hotel room. I squeeze my face against the bars and try to catch a glimpse of the street through the small crack in the fast-moving clinker brick wall that covers our hotel window. There are few people to see, the small park in front of the hotel is abandoned in the bleak light of dusk. A group of men are standing in the corner of the house, they seem to be engaged in a serious conversation.

Cycling through Colombia

Tour de France for the poor

Actually, I wanted to cross Mexico by bike, then had canceled that again and my sailing friend Victor meant, after all, that Colombia should be such a great bike travel country. Then here. I've bought a passable but good-looking scrap wheel for € 75, put in € 100 again, designed a do-it-yourself bike bag system and then it was almost ready to go. Nearly.

Colombia's Pacific Coast

The only white tourist

The sand on the Colombian Pacific coast is dark. A few years ago, this was a region important to the cocaine trade, so tourism was not possible here. The security situation is now stable and almost all regions of this other Colombian coast are now accessible. And although the scenery is picturesque, I feel a little bit lonely.
A little boy appears and asks with a roguish look: "Coca ..?"