Nothing is like the sandy desert in its beauty, said the Bedouin. Up here, on the dune, I know exactly what he means. In the Sahara in Algeria.

I don't know where we are now. I'll find out later, at home. The Bedouins in Zagora hadn't said anything about this incredibly beautiful dune field far beyond the Moroccan border when they recommended their special tour to me.

Aha. So I'm in Algeria . Without knowing it and without a visa.


All photos analog, September 2008

  1. "Nothing is equal to the sandy desert in its beauty ..." and little of these wonderful photos ... !!

  2. My Habib has crossed the Algerian desert many times - with a jeep, without a JPS and far from the slopes. Now the Algerian desert is closed, or only accessible with a guide. Why? This is due to several American military bases that are said to remain undisturbed.

    Nevertheless, you brought beautiful pictures with you. And I suspect once more what is so captivating to the Habib in this desert!

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