Norah Steiner



Summer hiking in Mallorca

Sweating and swearing

"That can not be true ... ?!", I run confused over the paving stone, through the small winding streets. "Is there really no sun hat to buy in Alaró? Where are all the tourist booths? Where is the market? "The small town is dead. At 35 degrees in the shade, that's not surprising.

Athens, 28 degrees

Nice, ugly and everything in between

Midsummer shows mercy. It's hotter at this time of the year, even hotter. Just so that you can only lie in the shade or sip a refreshing caffè freddo in the air-conditioned restaurant. But we are lucky and so we stroll for ten hours through the streets of the Greek metropolis. Without city map, without sense of direction. Passing cardboard settlements homeless, past magnificent buildings. Surrounded by tourists, surrounded by locals, empty streets.

Sky over Koh Lanta

Day is night

While my sweetheart wraps in thick winter jackets, I wear a light summer dress. The sand crunches softly under my feet as I walk barefoot along the beach. I breathe deeply, smell the salty scent of the sea and feel the wind on my warm skin, the gentle breeze that blows over my face and plays with my hair.

Flight over Wadi Rum

Between heaven and desert

Last night I lay awake for a long time in my bedouin tent stretched out with goatskin. On the one hand there was the anticipation, on the other hand, above all, the strong nervousness that did not let me sleep. But now, over a thousand feet above the ground, I have completely forgotten my fear of heights.