My second date with Rio de Janeiro


The first date decides if you like it. The second, if it can become something. I was curious how Rio and me will continue.

The first date decides if you like it. The second, if it can become something. I had butterflies in my stomach when I first met Rio half a year ago. Now I was accordingly excited to find out how things are going on with us.

Rio is a bit cool at first.

I would not have dreamed that I would say the sentence "I brought the good weather from Germany" here. If you look around, there are red leaves everywhere. But instead of autumn, the summer is approaching in the southern hemisphere. And so we get warmer with each day spent together.

Rio is a beauty.

A jungle big city. In most cities, you make an honest effort to plant a few trees to make the city look greener. Here it is the other way around. The jungle tolerates the city. Rio has a truly tropical botanical garden and the largest inner-city national park in the world.

Rio is a poser.

Public exercise and protein shakes with tropical fruits are part of life on the beach. If you do not live up to your ideal, at least think about changing your lifestyle and subordinating everything to King Sixpack. At least until he gets seduced by the beach vendors into beer and caipirinha. Also interesting: The Flirtverhalten. First you throw yourself daring into the raging waves, then you stand next to his beach towel, let the sea breeze dry and check the offer. A bit like meerkats.

Rio mumbles.

Maybe the Cariocas are the Swabians of Brazil. (Cariocas are called the inhabitants of Rio.) In every imaginable place of a word, "ch", "josh" or "sh" is built in. And so portugues becomes portuguese, grande too grandschi and very crazy: futebol (german = football) just to futschiboa.

Rio is warm.

I live with a Carioca, who lived in Berlin for 13 years and has been back in his hometown for two years. He is just starting a new career as a Pilates coach. I also meet his friends. They are happy when I unpack my Portuguese chunks. Only a conversation does not really happen. Because unlike in Germany is not bravely changed to English, as soon as someone does not speak the >

Rio is not easy to have.

Rio has to be conquered. Whether I succeed will depend on whether I can delve deeper into the mysterious >

And how is your relationship with Rio?

  1. Gracias a señor Klaus por hacerme parte del equipo :)

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  3. Super!!!

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