Travel reports from Bolivia

Expedition 6000 ~ Frogger live in La Paz

Lost in chaos

Oh god, what a mess! It honks from all directions. Everywhere are cars, buses and minivans around me. Bumper to bumper and me in between. How did I get the idea to walk in the middle of a crossroads? Now I am plaything between the vehicles.

Expedition 6000 ~ A retro tour

Welcome back to La Paz

Back in La Paz. Somehow I have hardly any memories of my last time here. A lot has changed in the last six years, but then again. The traffic is still chaotic, the air misty, the city lively and lively. From the very first second, I experience the city more intensively and feel right in the middle of it.

How I survived one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

"Whiskey!" "Claro."

My lift was a policeman. I should have noticed that things are not all right here when he got off the bike, started talking to me while he was sailing against his own bike. But sometimes I have quite a long lead. He was also a bit unsympathetic to me, but I can so badly reject lifts and also disagree with regulatory authorities.