Julia Karich



Do you know how much I love you?


17 years, blond hair, that's how I stood there and longingly attracted you from afar. I knew immediately that you are the one. The only one I wanted. How you leaned casually against the wall, with your red and black cap, the broad shoulder and this shapely body. It was love at first sight. Fourteen years on, you're still by my side, and nobody knows me better than you. We've seen the world together, and it's about time I told you how much I love you.

Happiness and suffering in Hawaii

Somewhere over the rainbow

When Jack Johnson plays guitar on the beach next to you, Kelly Slater is surfing in the sunset, and girls in ice skates are distributing iced coconuts - then you know you've landed in paradise. The air tastes of salt and papayas, your heart beats to the beat of the ukulele and at night the windows vibrate when the waves break. At the end of the rainbow a pot of gold is waiting and I have found it.

Protests in Lhasa

Tibet is burning

In front of me is a monk with his mouth wide open, holding out his tongue to me. I blink like a dazed yak into the blinding sun, vacillating between outraged horror and amazement. "Show him your tongue!", The gently demanding voice of my guide Tsenam tears me from my confused thoughts and after a short hesitation, I push my dust-dry tongue obediently to the daylight.