Travel reports from Galapagos

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

In the countryside the giant tortoises are waiting

Santa Cruz, the second island on our self-designed itinerary during our Galapagos Discovery Tour, is the opposite of San Cristobal's barren island. Because the second largest and most densely populated island of the archipelago is lush green. And in the midst of this vegetation we discover numerous Galapagos giant tortoises, which are not the only animals of Santa Cruz worth seeing.

Galapagos: The Mystery of the Baroness

Death on Floreana

Dr. Ritter is tired of it. "All this progress, everything is getting faster and faster, and I can not breathe in here in Berlin from exhaust fumes! It's shit, "he laments happily and loudly. He wants to get out of here, he's not in the mood for this degenerate civilization! A lonely island, and start afresh. With mental power.

"Galapagos? Floreana? "Dora comes along.