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With great authors, bloggers and designers, we design personal guides, inspiring reading illustrated books, thoughtful reading books.

Jennifer and Peter Glas wrote the beautiful reading book Roadtrip - A love story . She loves the intense moments of life - in meeting people, walking in nature, in the experience of foreign cultures or in yoga. In order to experience more of these moments, after more than two years of traveling around the world, she has given up her career as a creative director and is always on the look-out for new adventures - as a traveler, freelance designer and passionate mother.
He was always enthusiastic about adventurous and new things, be it mountain biking in the mountains, off-road driving in the desert or working as a coach, seminar leader and therapist. To get to know the world even better, he left behind his job as a human resources manager and embarked on a great journey with his wife. And since the birth of his daughter every day is a breathtaking experience anyway!

The friends behind the insider tips

Aylin and Stefan Krieger are publishers of travel guide Germany in winter - insider tips from friends . They were one and a half years on world trip. This experience has long intoxicated them, like a comforting melody that can not get out of your head. Travel soon became the leitmotif of her life planning. The big backpacks did not bring them to the basement. Today they talk about the big topics of travel - on their blog , on pictures, in books and on stages.

Markus Steiner is Bremer and author of Weltherz - of one who set out to seek freedom. He quit job and home and has been traveling the world as a reporter and author ever since. He lives here once, but he always returns to Lisbon because he likes the light there.

Cindy Ruch is a travel journalist, photographer, translator and works in a bookstore. She has lived in Berlin for three years and likes to travel to the seas, semi-deserts and the Black Forest. Always with you: Canon A-1 and diary.

Florian Blümm is a certified computer scientist. In 2011 he quit his lease and his job as a programmer and started a one-year trip around the world. Today he is still on the road.

Stefan Diener came to Thailand for the first time in 2006 - this journey changed his life. Since then, he has been traveling a lot in Southeast Asia, often over several months. He talks about his experiences on his blog. Together with Florian Blümm he is the author of the guide 555 Tips for Bangkok as well as other guides to Vietnam and Thailand.

Gesa Neitzel is actually a television editor, but likes to travel the world with her backpack and notebook. In 2015, she trained as a ranger in South Africa. Her book Breakfast with Elephants became a bestseller. Together with her partner Frank, she leads guests into the South African bush.

Marco Buch is a curious person and traveling a lot. After studying journalism, he first tried more than 100 jobs in various countries before becoming a location scout and recording manager in the Berlin film company. Traveling and storytelling, however, remained his passions. He has traveled to 77 countries on four continents, published four books, completed numerous unusual film projects, and added a few more quirky jobs to his portfolio.

Gabriele Dünwald is creative director, passionate traveler and Asian junkie. After one and a half years living in Bangkok, Thailand has become her second home : "As soon as I set foot on Thai soil, I am at home". Among other things, she writes about hidden treasures that are not in the travel guide.

Ralf Johnen is half Dutch and thoroughbred Rhineland. As a trained daily newspaper journalist, he engages in writing books and blogs.
He prefers coniferous forest, the North Sea and Pinot Noir.

Sarah Althaus has been traveling to the most beautiful and exciting places in the world for many years. Whether alone, with her whole family, couchsurfing, via van or train - she is thrilled with the variety of possibilities to explore the world. Thailand has traveled extensively several times - always fascinated by the warmth and hospitality of the people and the beauty of nature.

Inka Chall likes to travel the wide world and loves to discover Brandenburg. She talks about her short and long trips on her blog and as a book author.

Jan Dimog likes stories about people, buildings and places. He is a journalist and scriptwriter with positions at major publishers, small publishers, communications agencies and the media program of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan as senior editor. Grown with Filipino roots on Fehmarn and in Westphalia, since 2000 election Berliner. His debut as a documentary author was aired on Arte: Countdown Afghanistan. He co-founded, the digital advancement of his architectural guides for Istanbul, the United Arab Emirates and Slovenia. Jan Dimog's fourth book will be released in autumn 2018: Architecture Guide Kabul.

Julia Jöstl studied geography in Vienna and found her home in New York. Traveling has always been her passion and it draws her equally to big cities, to paradisiacal beaches or to the mountains.

Elisa Lipski wants to discover as many patches of this earth as possible. After a boring package holiday, she decided: never again hotel scenery, just be on the go, but authentic! She likes to visit friends around the world who show her home.

Susi Maier prefers traveling in cooler climes and prefers ice and snow as beach and sea. But for Thailand, the travel blogger makes an exception: Here she even becomes a beach person! Most of all, she appreciates the simplicity of island life and the return to happiness of the moment.

Nic Hildebrandt is a passionate globetrotter, avid photographer, compulsive self-maker, passionate eater, and she believes in the happiness that lies in the little things in life. On her blog since 2006, she shares her travels and everything else that thrills her.

Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk lives in Berlin, but secretly is convinced that the Currywurst actually comes from Bochum. She blogs in illustrative stories about traveling, homesickness and how to become a rubber world champion.

Lilith Mankel has been studying regional studies for Asia since 2015 at the Humboldt University in Berlin and is studying the Thai >

Francis Markert started a world trip in 2015 with his girlfriend Sabrina. Meanwhile, the two Thailand visited several times, what can be read on their travel blog.

Jenny Mitscher and Sebastian Ritter are travel bloggers, travel photographers and have turned their passion into a career. They work and live independently of location and travel around the world 365 days a year. Your goal: to find the 22 most beautiful places in the world. In their online photography class you will learn how to take outstanding pictures and on their travel blog they will share their best travel and photo tips.

Franziska Müller-Degenhardt grew up in Berlin and studied Visual Art and Digital Media in Brighton and Babelsberg. In addition to her work as a freelance author and photographer for digital travel and lifestyle magazines, she always brings her desire to travel out into the world.

Yvonne Rundio is a communication designer and wants to inspire her work, give food for thought and share her experiences. On her blog, she takes you on trips, exploring the sea and taking walks to the pots of the world. From the love of the sea, the joy to make beautiful things and the will to preserve what she loves, the idea for Biru Biru - Stories by the Sea was born.

Angelika Schwaff has been writing on her blog since 2010 and is always on the lookout for special places, for the best food and for people who have something exciting to tell.

Norah Steiner spent the last few years mainly traveling, in metropolitan cities, in mountain villages and on remote islands. Meanwhile, she sits behind a desk again - but it's only a matter of time before she starts again.

Stefan F. Wagner has been working for a NGO in northern Thailand for a few years in the field of public relations. He reports (also about it) on his blog.

Sina Wendt was content manager. For a long time she danced between passion (writing and traveling) and reasoning (solid job). Since December 2016, this is over: She quit her job and went off with her boyfriend to see the world - and above all, to listen more to themselves. It worked!

Kathi Werni and Romeo Felsenreich gave their heart to Thailand somewhere between Bangkok's food stalls and the southern islands many years ago. The two travel bloggers actually come from Vienna, but in the winter months Thailand has become their second home. Beautiful pictures have fallen hopelessly. That's why they combine their greatest passions on their blog: travel and photography.

Lynn Benda is an enthusiastic traveler who can not get enough of discovering distant lands. Her heart lost her to southern Africa and now she tries to travel there as often as possible. However, she is just as glad to be at home in Hannover and is always exploring new corners in the city and region. She writes on her blog about all her big and small trips. And if there is no journey at hand, she reads and reviews books that also take her away to distant worlds.

Marc Bensch has been writing since he can write. Autobiographical, journalistic, literary and promotional text, preferably in the distance, for example, during several months, self-organized stays in Palermo or Lisbon. But no matter how long he stays away, he always returns to his beloved home town of Stuttgart.

Annemarie Brückner is the founder of Fischer's dress, a fair fashion store with tailoring in Ulmer Fischerviertel. It organizes lectures, readings and cultural projects.

For Madlen Brückner , traveling has been a passion for over twenty years. In the Venezuelan, she discovered the mystique of the moment. She haunted her home with a virus - that of travel and the jungle. A feeling that she has been chasing ever since, even in Mecklenburg or Brandenburg, where she likes to hang around when she is not traveling in South America or Africa.

For more than ten years, Manuela Eicher has been trying to discover as much of the world as possible besides her profession. Nature is her passion. Whether safaris in Africa, diving with sharks or reaching a summit cross - this beats her heart higher.

Bianca Gade lives in the Saarland - from here it goes all over the world. Active trips with hiking boots and tent, paddle tours, horse rides, paragliding and more - experience reports and information can be found on her blog.

Susanne Helmer is a journalist in Hamburg, who regularly pulls her out of her home port into the world. At the end of each trip, the same conclusion has always been reached: travel has changed. How exactly? She tells about it on her blog.

Marc Jerusel and John Abert are always looking for special travel moments. As part of their #GoEast project, they invite you to rediscover the East of Germany. If the two Slow Travelers are not on the road, they live in Berlin.

Daniela Klütsch and Nick Reiter , their topic is sustainable travel. They love hiking, often traveling with backpacks and cameras, curious to meet other people and cultures. Nick has a special liking for Asian food and Danni for the nature of Ireland.

Ariane Kovac does not travel to experience adventures. When she is on the road, she wants to learn as much as possible about people and their culture, in Germany, Europe and even in distant countries. Stories and pictures of it end up on her blog.

Anika Landsteiner travels and writes about it. Since 2017, there are special travel stories in her book Going to Stay to Read, followed in 2018 by her debut novel My Italian Father.

Nadine Lessenich has been reporting on big and small trips with her family since 2011. Whether parental leave in Thailand, road trip through Canada, beachlife in the Maldives, safari in South Africa, outdoor fun in Norway or just countless little adventures in the home - traveling with children are an asset and a challenge.

Adriane Lochner is a freelance journalist with a focus on freedom, adventure and unusual stories. Short reports and reports should entertain and provide helpful information about the respective travel destination. Rarely does everything go according to plan. Humor and self-irony are part of the travel bag.

Elisa Model lives in the Allgäu, loves road trips and nature. She writes about traveling up and down the street, about the love of being outdoors and the stories behind it. With a mattress in the trunk and a backpack in the back seat, she travels the streets of this world in search of adventure and that special moment.

Taina Niederwipper has been writing since 2013 about topics that move her, people who fascinate her, ideas that are too good not to be heard, and places you can not find in the guide book.

Jens Notroff is an archaeologist from Scandinavia to the Middle East. Even between excavation expeditions he can not keep his feet pretty quiet. So it somehow pulls him out again and again: in the kayak to Greenland, under sail to Croatia, on snowshoes through the Norwegian winter and to wreck diving to Egypt.

Bernadette Olderdissen has been working since 2017 as a freelance travel journalist and author. On the road all the time, she shares her adventures and impressions in reportages that have nothing to do with the daily pictures on television. Since 2015, she is the author of the Globetrotter crime series, in which her protagonist stumbles across various cultural hurdles in various countries, but very similarly knitted people.

Stella Pfeifer , when not in the middle of a conversation for her online interview magazine, travels and writes as a freelance editor. However, she prefers to spend the winter in her home country. Then she enjoys especially the icy, clear air, the calm in the morning before the sunrise and the pleasant sound when walking in the midst of freshly fallen snow.

Ricarda Rausch is a communication designer and restaurateur. A native of Mannheim, she realized the dream of having her own café in her hometown a year ago. If time permits, she likes to travel wherever there is good food, wine, mountains and sea.

Anna Röttgers likes to travel for her life and immediately gets acutely wanderlust at the sight of a map, but after every trip she likes to return to her beautiful home town of Mainz.

Julia Schattauer is a Palatine, lives in Berlin and travels a lot as a freelance copywriter through the world. But it always drives her home. With Krawwelkatz - The magazine for Rhineland-Palatinate she has fulfilled the heart's desire of its own magazine.

After many trips around the globe, Julia Schilling has returned to her roots on Lake Constance. In addition to her blog, she works as a Wellness Masseur and Marketing Assistant. Her daughter enriches the rest of her everyday life.

Melanie Schillinger loves these very special goosebump moments when traveling on everything. On her blog and in her book " #Fernweh - The Ultimate Bucket List for globetrotters " she shares her experiences from the most beautiful places on earth

Anke and Thorsten Schöps : "Life is too short for sometime." Under this motto, the two have been discovering the world together since 2010. In the search for untouched nature and adventures, the two especially in Scandinavia and North America in the heart closed. Endless expanses and unique nature are best discovered on long road trips or on foot.

Nina Soentgerath is a travel blogger and graphic designer with home base in Nuremberg. She has traveled to six continents and 56 countries - the wanderlust has remained, but also the Heimatliebe grown. The second passion of the native Fränkin is cooking and eating, with cheese she can not say no.

Anne Steinbach and Clemens Sehi are always on the lookout for hidden markets, dusty back streets and spicy food. They travel through Senegal in brittle buses, make a road trip through Lebanon, Iran or the Ivory Coast, compete with Cook Islanders in the ukulele or camp at the foot of Mount Cook in New Zealand. If they are not traveling, they are in Berlin planning new adventures.

Sandra Timár lives in Berlin and is happiest when she can travel and discover a new piece of the world. As Lu Morgenstern she likes to tell stories about people and places.

Ria Voss was seized by the love of travel sometime between her exchange year in the USA and her first backpacking trip through Thailand. This was followed by many journeys across Europe, to Cuba and to the African continent. Exploring a country on your own by road trip is the ultimate for them.

Sally Wilkens , the Hamburg girl in her heart, looked too far after the ships in her home country. "One would have to ..." eye-twisting. The man who held her hand on the journey of her life, she married, she is a mom and lives as a journalist in Berlin.

Editing, proofreading and authors

Verena Simon works in a publishing house, proofreads freely, conceives book projects, writes for various media and a novel. On her blog she devotes herself to literature and music - and now and then she is also on stage herself.

Christoph Karrasch is full-time curious. As a travel journalist, radio host and television reporter, he's looking all over the world for places and people who have stories to tell.

Steven Hille loves to test his limits again and again. At some point he thought that he should only realize projects that have a good use. From this idea his blog was born. Meanwhile, he raised donations for a tiger baby, supported a national bee project and built a well in Uganda.

Henry Rivers produced the cover illustrations ( Germany in winter and island guide Thailand ) in close cooperation with the publisher.

The publishers

Johannes Klaus went on a trip around the world in 2010 - according to common clichés, such a journey changes (and did) the way of life: He won the Grimme Online Award for his travelogues. In 2013, his personal blog became the authoring platform, in 2015 he founded Germany's first scrollytelling website, The Travel Episodes, and published three volumes of the same name with Malik National Geographic. 2018 it was time for a new adventure, it was added to the book publisher. As a graphic designer, he can now live out his dream of a perfectly designed book.

Marianna Hillmer is a citizen of Hamburg with Greek roots, studied literature, worked in India, Greece and Munich. In 2011 she founded the award-winning travel blog . In 2016 she published "111 Reasons to Travel the World" by Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Verlag and became a mother for the first time. With her second daughter pregnant she founded the Reisedepeschen Verlag and proves together with her partner Johannes that equal work and childcare can be compatible.