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No mailboxes in the rainforest or Panama is so beautiful


Getting up early requires special willpower, can be spurred on by a good coffee, or, as in my case, is solely due to the change in time. So no laurels.

Even before sunrise the head wakes up, the body, defiantly, like a tired toddler, clings to the sheet. After a short scuffle, we can both tear ourselves away from the queen size. The 24 hour journey celebrated a drinking party with time and space and what follows now is the successive hangover. Without foreboding, I push the curtains aside, rub the Central American particulate matter out of my eyes and, as I look out over Panama City's skyline, courageously suppress the impulse of the morning toilet. On the other side of the panoramic window is the choreography of tall glass towers, in between an elevated street on which a sparkling pearl necklace is dancing. Next to it are empty parking spaces, with large white directional arrows, which are nice to look at from my sublime perspective and which dictate the direction of travel and the direction of view. An order can only be seen in the marked parking areas, the street layout outside the parking spaces has grown at least in this part of the city with the spontaneous development. I follow the elevated road - in Panama rush hour begins long before the first rooster coughs - which describes a long curve to the north and then gets lost in the canyons towards the Pacific, where the lights of the many headlights merge into a single cone of light right there the first glow of the now rising sun, which now more and more quickly displaces the night sky to the west. Beautiful as the facades of the glass buildings are exposed to the laws of wind, the nearby Pacific Ocean and the emerging first smog in the morning light.

Getting up early requires special willpower, can be spurred on by a good coffee, or, as in my case, is solely due to the change in time. So no laurels. Even if not hard fought, a sunrise of this kind is like a second birthday.

I throw myself into a modest shell, slip my sandals over my ivory-colored feet and set off on a first excursion to Panama City. Along the American-style shopping center and parallel to the high street, motorized vehicles roar in all imaginable designs, like raging elephants their song of suffering. It is too early for them too. os in Schuluniformen, die Mädchen tragen einen dunkelblauen Rock, schwarze Schuhe und eine weiße Uniform. Young Panameños in school uniforms are mostly waiting at the bus stops, the girls are wearing dark blue skirts, black shoes and a white uniform. Her male counterpart has long black pants with a white shirt, which makes her dark faces glow. A beautiful contrast to the urban landscape, which is discarded repeatedly by the discarded American school buses. The local steps are hectic. The dealers at the food stands tried to ignore my morning reluctance to communicate. Deep-fried flour patties (Ojaldres), coffee, chicken legs, potato wedges and more heated meat piles beyond my knowledge are in the display and contribute to the general time desynchronization.

Arriving at the long promenade, I see that the sea has pulled back far with the low tide. This means that large areas of silt are exposed, which emit a strong smell that is similar to a sewer. Resistant early athletes in bright sportswear leave it cold, they are unimpressed to sprint, relaxation and stretching exercises. A few reefs break out on a small reef.

Smell or not, this is where the stomach starts, the way back is an escape to the hotel restaurant, which is filled to the last seat. The second coffee finally dispels the last doubts and encourages the task ahead: Discover Panama and learn to love.

Early bird, travel guide, friend - Gilberto tells of Panama Rubber soles on wet wood. Along the Panama Canal to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Not your best friend: Golden Eye Parrot Snake

The approximately 80 km long Panama Canal

Belongs to the basic equipment of every travel guide: the index finger Spinnenorchidee Young women from the Emberra tribe offer their goods

On one of the many side arms of the Panama Canal, looking for a crocodile

The very special short trip to Panama took place in cooperation with the Central American Tourism Industry.

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