Travel reports from Europe

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Multifaceted road trip through Italy

The Germans like to travel to Italy, where the climate and landscape, culture and history, food and the sea all try to outdo each other. If you're traveling by car, you do not need to get that far to Rome or even Calabria to enjoy all this. A beautiful, versatile, but unfortunately somewhat underrated region is already in the extreme northeast: the provinces of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. So, let us embark on a wondrous drive through the north east of Italy, where we will be surprised by the beautiful things in life.

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands: everything is green!

The Balearic Islands are small and manageable. In addition, rich and relatively independent of the mainland. Ideal conditions to change something. Now the islands have taken a course on sustainability and ecology. I love both: eco and the Balearic Islands. So look no further than what's going on there in terms of the environment.

A walk through Albania's capital

Tirana - past that does not pass

Tirana: How do I encounter the city, whose stones are inscribed 46 years of socialist history, the capital of a country that has been almost half a century separated from the world? Gray concrete buildings, wide streets, laid out for flag-waving infantry, plus some grim monuments, such as the picture that formed in my mind's eye at the word "Tirana".

Goat Yoga in Switzerland

Om Kid Om

"Crazy-Yoga" is a discipline from the creative box for alternative offers. When the glaciers melt and the snow stops, the villages around the ski resorts have to come up with something. And why should the craziest yoga ideas stay where they are born, namely in the US?