About the travel scrub blog


We love traveling. And we love great stories. Stories that tell something of this beautiful world that inspires and inspires. Best in the middle of the action: That's why we are travel bloggers.

On Reisedepeschen.de you will find a selection of German travel reports, photos and videos: Entertaining, credible, inspiring.

Some handpicked authors publish here their texts, photos and videos - which can usually be found on their own blog. The links to the original blog can be found under the article as well as the information about the authors.

I always thought it was a pity that great travel reports often get lost in the noise of the internet. Often, these are not designed for a larger audience, as originally on my own, no longer active page "travel episode". Of course, not many have my personal fortune to be highlighted by a prestigious award.

That's why I designed this page, which gives a particularly appealing presence to travel blogs that are particularly worth reading. The number of authors should remain manageable: some return home, others start new adventures, and some do not want to arrive . :)

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