Travel reports from North America

A declaration of love to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Pittsburgh, ...

... you totally surprised me. I never thought you were that cool. You lie in the middle of the rust belt of the USA, deeply relaxed and lively at the same time. Where once the heart of American heavy industry struck. Until you had to witness from the end of the 70s their decline.

British Columbia Alberta

From hairy fur animals and golden loons

8,000 km round trip by car through British Columbia and Alberta. 9 days alone on a boat through the fjords and inlets of the Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific coast. To the most remote and spectacular areas to experience bears that have just come out of hibernation. We are doing the most wonderful experience of our life with a grizzly mother and her 3 boys. On the tour we experienced beautiful, thoughtful and touching things and tell about our personal experiences, emotions and impressions about people, animals and nature of western Canada.

The historic train station of Detroit, USA

Michigan Central Station

"I dream of an opportunity to see this beautiful landmark from within." This is how an earlier blog post ends on Michigan Central Station, Detroit's historic train station. The future of this ruin, vacant for three decades, was still uncertain. Now she has a bright future ahead of her. And sometimes dreams actually come true.


Winter in New York - a real winter wonderland

Who does not even dream of spending Christmas in New York or really having the corks pop on New Year's Eve in Manhattan? But in addition to these highlights in December, the other winter months in the Big Apple have a lot to offer. Do not be put off by the fresh temperatures in January and February, but discover with me the many small and big surprises that New York has to offer in the winter!

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Lost and Found - on Fogo Island

The view of the vastness of the sea, alone on the top of a mountain, the feeling of being far, far away. What does it matter with us? Why do we have such moments - and where do these great emotions come from, which we feel deep inside? Yearning, gratitude, freedom, love ... Searching for clues - on the way on a lonely island off the coast of Newfoundland!

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Seven exciting trips in the US

You are so keen on the US, but still looking for inspiration, what you can experience there everything? I've written down on you the favorite experiences of my past 10 years of USA travel experience, in the hope that there will be something that will inspire you for your own vacation! Whether exciting city trip or unforgettable nature experience, the USA is in its diversity in landscape and cultural terms hard to beat!