Travel reports from Africa

Sardine Run in South Africa

Off to the fray

Once a year, the sea seethes off the coast of the Eastern Cape. Hundreds of dolphins and whales follow the largest animal migration on the planet, the sardine run. The actual spectacle takes place however under the water surface. Because marine mammals, predatory fish, as well as curious snorkelers, they are all out for the big jackpot - the baitball from sardines.


You have the clock, we have the time

The warm wind is flying around my ears and my hair is going in all directions. They partially obstruct my view. The view of all the unknown around me. I'm sitting in the front in an old, slightly rickety but beautiful Land Rover and let the land affect me. I love this first feeling in a new country: taking in the smells, the pictures, the impressions, the soundscapes.