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Berlin on your own


I'm Louisa, fifteen years old, and I want to take you on a little trip. The trip leads to our capital - to Berlin. For seven days I tried everything that sounded like fun to me. After many experiences, I have collected my favorites here, which contain very different topics and locations.

Quite classic, the Brandenburg Gate: I think everyone would agree with the statement that the Brandenburg Gate is part of a Berlin trip. It just attracts tourists. On my first day, I sat in a Starbucks with a view of the gate and watched the hustle and bustle in front of the gate while drinking a milkshake. There I immediately noticed how many different people find their way to Berlin. Everywhere you look into interesting faces and hear different >

Clothes in abundance: To really live out your shopping love, you have to go to the "Mall of Berlin". In Berlin-Mitte, at Potsdamer Platz you will find a huge number of shops. On three floors you will not only find clothes but also many fast food restaurants and a bookshop where I made myself comfortable with a book to take a break. In the afternoon I would recommend a cup of hot chocolate in the Lindt shop. If you have the energy, you can spend a whole day in the mall.

For everyone interested in history: In Berlin you can find a lot about German history. Pieces of the Berlin Wall are to be found in many places. Many are painted and there is even one on Potsdamer Platz that is littered with chewing gum. There you can also learn a lot about the history of the wall. The East Side Gallery in Berlin-Friedrichshain is a special experience of the Berlin Wall. There you can't get enough of the works of art that artists sprayed or painted on the longest standing piece with graffiti. The Jewish Museum is also interesting, with more emphasis being placed on architecture than on the events of the Jews in World War II. Not only information, but especially the architecture of the rooms should trigger feelings.

Eating in Berlin: In Berlin there are opportunities to eat on almost every street corner. I've tried a few takeaways, restaurants and cafes. If you want to eat cheap and delicious pizza, you have to go to "Pane e Vino" in Pankow. Funny service and delicious pizza. What more do you want. When you wait, you don't get bored because there are sayings and pictures on the walls that customers have painted.

Also highly recommended is the Café Extrablatt, which convinced me with its great breakfast buffet. For just under nine euros you can help yourself from the buffet all morning. Croissants, bacon and fried egg, chocolate pudding, fruit salad and much more can be found there.

And now of course the currywurst is still missing. Many stalls offer the typical Berlin food. I ate one at "Die Bude" and found it very tasty there. I didn't taste a real difference to the currywurst that I've already eaten in other cities.

Film from: The best experience for me was the film museum at Potsdamer Platz. For two euros, students can learn everything about Hollywood and the film industry there. The structure of the museum is pretty cool too. You only get into a room with mirrors and then you can walk through the exhibitions and look at everything. Each room is structured differently and either shows something about certain actors or about individual films up to the present day.

During my trip, I particularly noticed how many different people live in Berlin. Berlin is also a colorful city full of art and interesting places. In the seven days I could only visit a fraction of the places that sounded like fun to me. I hope I can come back often and experience more.

  1. Eckhard Schaefer

    On your own at the age of 15. Great.
    What I already knew was confirmed when I read it: Berlin is worth a trip. And if you are very hungry, you should read this report before you travel. There is no lack of references to culture and history either.

  2. Great written and illustrated, Louisa !! You really made me want to go to Berlin ... !! Great how you explored all of this on your own ... !!

  3. To be honest, I am very impressed that you have such goals when you are only 15 years old! Wonderful! Keep it up dear Louisa. Wish you good luck!

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