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Andrea Dublaski

I am a passionate photographer and have traveled the world a lot, always looking for adventures and ways to learn from cultures and people. And still travel. Together with my husband we are Spicy Artworks, my long-awaited, own mix of photography, freedom and art.

Ariane Kovac

Has lost her heart somewhere between llamas and rusty minibuses in Peru. Since then she wants to learn as much as possible about other countries and cultures - if possible, first-hand.

When she can not be out and about, she spends a lot of time wandering through maps and exploring her own homeland a little better, preferably on foot. Always there, whether near or far: camera and notebook, because without writing and taking pictures, life would not be worth living for.

Aylin Stefan

Aylin Stefan were once 1.5 years on world tour. But that's not enough for them. Stefan is looking for adventure. Aylin loves freedom on the go. That's why it always pulls them out into the wide and near world. Your view of things will be on Today We Travel. In word picture. Subjective. Honestly.

Bernadette Olderdissen

Bernadette Olderdissen is a history collector and writer. From an early age she understood that quite so much imagination for writing was not necessary, because the best stories gave her life in vain. You gave her the people around her. When she heard many stories, she moved on. He opened his ears and wrote down everything that people had to tell her. So it drove her on and on through the world, with unsaturated curiosity and in the knowledge that while people are damned similar all over the world, no two stories are identical. This circumstance is to blame for the fact that she still has not saved anything for the pension, but only enough money for the next trips. And she thinks that's okay, too.

Britta Ullrich

Blue is her favorite color. Blue - like our planet, between whose oceans there are so many fascinating places to discover. For five years she lived with her family on the other side of the Atlantic. From 2013 to 2018, Ann Arbor, Michigan, was her home base. From here she was curiously on a voyage of discovery - a few blocks further, to Detroit, along the Great Lakes, and out into the vast expanse of the United States. Back in Europe and her hometown Cologne, she again takes tentative roots. Still looking for special places ... and for their personal home .

Dominik Mohr

Dominik follows his shadow through the world. In a minimalist and simple style of travel one is led by him around the world and once accelerated, it goes on and on. Mostly the tour goes to remote places and brings the daily life and the hurdles of the people closer.
Unusual and sometimes even unusual travel destinations around Africa and the Middle East stand against scattered destinations in the popular areas and show the contrast of the worlds and nature.

Gitti Müller

My first fit of wanderlust led me to South America for a year in 1980 as a backpacker. At that time, such a backpack still weighed a lot and travel was difficult. Since then I just can not leave it. Today I mainly have a laptop and my DSLR in my luggage. As a TV journalist and ethnologist I get around a lot but in Latin America I just feel at home. In order to be able to chat with people in remote Andean regions I have learned the native > In May 2017, the Piper-Verlag published my book "Comeback with Backpack - A Time Travel through South America" ​​(ISBN-10: 3890291422, 272 pages with photos) It tells of my travels in analogue and digital times.

Johannes Klaus

Johannes Klaus quit his job as a graphic designer to travel around the world for 14 months. His website TravelDepesche was awarded the Grimme Online Award in 2011. In unobserved moments, he strokes the price tenderly, but otherwise insists that he does not care about anything like that.

Lennart Adam

Lennart is East Frisian. He earns his living as a journalist in Flensburg, to spend it on trips.
Travel becomes an experience for him when the unexpected happens. If you throw plans overboard and let yourself be guided by chance, you're open to the unknown, to adventure. When one approaches strangers, tries oneself, overcomes fears and redefines boundaries. And if you then find the right bar.

Leo Sibeth Sebastian Ohlert

The two Augsburger Augsburg changed their lives in March 2017: They quit jobs and housing, sold the furniture and packed personal items in boxes. They traveled by land and through Asia for 20 months by bus and train. With a container ship they crossed the Pacific and explore now Central America . They travel as sustainable as possible, slowly and consciously. The plane is taboo! Important to them are encounters with people and the questioning of their own images and stereotypes.

Lisa Julia Hermes

"Travel is our passion. Above all, to travel slowly: when we hitchhike, cycle or walk from place to place, we have the feeling that we are able to experience the countries, the people and cultures more directly. "Together, the two sisters have been traveling without an airplane since July 2017 the world.

Lu morning star

No digital nomad. No world trip. Lu Morgenstern is a commuter between full-time job, wanderlust and 28 leave days a year. Not enough, as she finds, because Lu is in love with this world and would like to have more time for her. At an early age, she lost her heart to Europe. During a trip to the Cape Verde Islands, this overwhelming yearning for even more distant lands broke out to an overabundance. Since then, Lu has the great talent to become enthralled by dreams and quietly count the days until the next trip. Finally arrived at a strange place, she becomes the self-confessed Messi when it comes to flotsam, sunshine, moments of happiness and beautiful stories. Some of them are stuck in her travel journal.

Marianna Hillmer

Marianna was actually a doctoral student in literature. The beautiful literature inspired them far too often to leave the library walls and to see how it looked in the real world. Meanwhile, she writes beautiful stories herself and has hung up the promotion in favor of travel on the nail.

Morten Rochssare

From 2011, Morten and Rochssare travel hitchhiking across South America between Tierra del Fuego and the Caribbean for two years starting in 2011. Since 2014, the two hitchhike by land from Germany to India and on to Southeast Asia. They tell of their adventures and encounters on their blog and in their books "Hitchhiking through South America" ​​and "Hitchhiking to India", each published by Malik National Geographic.

Philipp Boos

Reborn in Central Europe. In another life served as a porter for Alexander von Humboldt, which explains the affinity to South America. After a double espresso, Philip opens the third eye with a time delay, with which he travels the world and holds it in despatches.

Susanne Helmer

Journalist from Hamburg, which keeps pulling it out into the world. Also for a little longer. At the end of each trip, the same conclusion has always been reached: Hardly anything in life euphorizes and enriches them as much as the Otherwastein. And: travel changed.

Thu Trang Ho

In many cases she likes to travel alone and loves to discover the world by coincidence. She prefers to run aimlessly around the area and is always fascinated by encounters with people she meets on the way. Always with you: Nikon D3400. The camera uses them mainly to photograph people, animals, trees and doors.
Favorite Cities: NYC, Tokyo, Venice, Auckland, Sydney, Cape Town and Jerusalem.

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