A new song

Somaliland ... what a wonderful world!


... a somewhat wonderful movie: Alex and Klys in Somaliland!

... a somewhat wonderful movie: Alex and Klys in Somaliland!

/ / / / / / / so ... what do we say? merry christmas and happy new year!

and why do not you dream a little dream of Iraq ? / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

  1. Hello Johannes,

    how can a new year only begin better than with this great video! Thank you and I wish you and the Schwenden all the best and most of all health!
    Greetings from the snowy Frankfurt
    Jens ;-)

  2. Yes, the world is really wonderful! - and my little brother too! <3 All the best for 2011 !!!

  3. Grandios :)

    Have a Happy New Year and definitely - DREAM ON! :)


  4. Alex the Swede

    We managed to develop good vibrations :)
    In the desert, in the heat, on armored cars ...
    2 good friends and all we have is 2 ukulele
    on bad kvalite. It shows us that we should be happy with what we have.
    We can create a wonderful world ...

  5. Philipp

    I love you ... do you love me auuuuuch !!!! Buuuuhäääääää-rabäääääääh-Rabatz ... hu? So? Yes or no?

    Happy new age, my age! Rock on.

  6. Philipp

    Too bad that the internet was bad ... nice video! Gorgeous! Bye for now!

  7. De Kölsche Klüngel

    We see gray sky,
    Mist veil too.
    We hear this song for us and want to sing
    And we think with us,
    what a wonderful song ....

    Dear John,
    grateful cooling New Year's greetings from the climatic no-man's-land between the ice age and meltdown send you and your congenial partner Alex the dome connection

  8. You are so wonderfully refreshed, thank you !! What a start to the new year! : D
    I'm excited.

  9. Philipp

    …still??? Do you laugh? Uhhhääääää-hähähääää-bähähääääää-sob-padautz. :) Fine, or, that shouting? Well: et, et et, et küt, et et küt - et et is still jott.

    Got explained by an Argentine rider in my passenger seat that the most creative advertisers come from South America and the UK. Is this true?

    Otherwise: I drove Dirk and Kirsten almost into the car lately (hello Dirk, hello Kirsten!), But then I simply waved friendly ... :) Business as usual in Woinem stop.

    Joah, hope your agenda in Uganda has good things in store for you. I am now retreating to the washing machine and Hesse is hurling spins. For two weeks, damn it.
    Tschüssikowsky, farewell.

    • Well, Philip, instead of just trying to get into the car, you could just come in the house next time! It's actually more comfortable, right? For us, it's Christmas, especially comfortable, Kohannes, you know. That can not really imagine in Africa, but it is! Also you, my dear Kusseng all the best for the new year !! Kiss Kiki

    • @ Vetter: I press all your fingers, that you are spit fresh and clean from the hurler drum ... and not too much received. tschakaa!

    • @ sister: would like to stop by gingerbread and check this statement!

    • everytime! At the moment I even have my sensational wasp nests to offer! (You have to hurry up though!)

    • I'll come soon, if you continue like that!

    • Philipp

      Kiki! Actually, I went in there almost twice, if you like. May I also eat cookies twice?
      Have a Happy New Year!

    • Oh, Philipp, gladly! There is only one small problem: I have now sent the cookies to Uganda ... They are on the plane now! do you still want to come?

    • Happy two times!

  10. Absolutely wonderful, my dear. So wonderful !!!!! ;)

    Ambitious greetings out of Southpool!

  11. Yeah, the inglorious bastards are called Krusty boys are back ... KREISCH !!!! Thanks Thanks Thanks for this great song and the Hammer movie, I'm blown away ..

  12. Oh God, may I call your muse ??? Unfortunately I have to hyperventilate a lap now. SANITÄÄÄTER !!!!

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